Saturday, May 14, 2016

Three layouts ideas with the new tranquility collection made by Wilma Voermans..

Today I would love to show you three different mixed media layouts .
All three made with the tranquility collection.
I love the line , it has many possibilitys.

My first layout is one with a grunge beach look.
On the beach you always find things like old wood, bitses and pieces.
On most of my beach layouts I like to use that feeling by adding things I find around me.
I started with the Contentment paper.
The B-side is perfect for a beach look.

I wanted a sandy feeling to the whole layout.
I added many layers, starting with joint compound in my background .
It has already a sandy feeling.
Two colors glimmerspray ,  turqoise and sandcolor.
Next some paper from a old notebook , very light swimmpearls
 (the ones you use in flowerarrangements).

Around my picture pieces of a old shirt .
A little story about the titel ....
I came home and found my best shoes half eaten by my dog.....
I was very angry and dissapointed, but it is a dog that was found on the streets of Spain
She still has to learn some domestic things :)
So I thought, take the pieces and use the brandname as a titel.
On the layout you see more pieces I collected on the ground from my beloved shoes.

I used two chipboard pieces, seaside charms and Frolic mesh.
 Stippled light gesso and than used three different embossingpowders .
I sprinkled them all three in the wet gesso and just heatet it here and there.. 

I did the same in the background, but did not heat at all.
The three colors: oatmeal, ginger and mushroom.
They gave me the perfect sandy look I wanted.


My next layout was based on the Stillness title that comes with the Tranquility collection.
The background paper is the b-side of the Serenity paper.
I used the May sketch for the design:

I totally love the tranquil foliage chipboard piece .
With the title and mood of the picture I did not want too much on the page.
Sometimes enough can be enough for me.
The circle is a negative piece of chipboard that I never throw away.

ITo all the chipboard I stippled gesso .
When it was not completly dry I sprenkled orange Peel glitter .
After that a little sage embossingpowder.
I heatet with the heatgun, but not too much.
It gave me a rough surface.
On the title also the gesso, orange Peel glitter and some orange paint.
When it was still wet I went over the under part with gesso .
Just lightly to get the ombre effect. 


For the last layout I wanted a soft babyfeeling without getting sweetness all over the place.
I think the picture has enough sweet in it :) 
I used the Stillness paper as my background aswell as behind the picture.
Behind and between I used a chipboard piece that comes to the Attic Charm collection.
This collection will be released soon !
I embossed it with Pearl embossing powder .
After that it got some gesso with pinkish ecoline here and there.
The heart was embossed with Garned Embossing and dulled down with gesso.
The title was very easy, just some black ink that gets into the chipboard very easy.

Thank you so much for visiting the blog and looking at my monthly post.
x Wilma x


  1. All three layouts are beautiful!!! I love all the layers you put into each one!

  2. All fabulous layouts but I have to say the top one... just amazing the texture and colors... fabulous!

  3. 3 very gorgeous layouts and designs!

  4. They are all just totally FABULOUS Wilma. STUNNING TO SEE - wow. My favorite one is 'Stillness'. It has orange in it - my fav color. And I just love the sentiment of it. BUT.... each one is just BEAUTIFUL. Xj.

    1. Thanks Joi! And yes, stillness is my favorite too . I love minimalistic more and more lately. Eventhough I do not always scrap that way. Depends on my mood or the picture . x

  5. Prachtige layouts vooral de strandlayout en ook de foto van de baby (je kleinkind?) is top! Dank je wel voor de uitleg, heel leerzaam.

    1. Dank je Jolande, en ja....een van mijn kleinkinderen :)

  6. Sorry, but I do not understand why such beautiful papers are being buried beneath all this mixed media. Why not show off the beauty of Tranquility and use plain papers for all the art work.

    1. The Blue Fern papers are very sturdy and SUPER for layers of mixed media. I get this question more, why adding something and than cover it. But it is the only way to create layers, every layer has a purpose. In the Blue Fern layouts I always let the pattern of the paper shine through. So there is a difference with a plain paper as background. The Blue Fern Studio team has a great variety of styles and most of the members show the complete papers. There have been posts and there are more to come that show the tranquility collection in al his beauty . I work in a different style , it is just me :) . Thats why I am so happy to be at this team, many styles for many different tastes. So we can show a lot of Blue Fern fans what we can do with the papers and chipboard. Sorry that I cant see your name, but I hope that I could explain it a little.