Saturday, April 30, 2016

New Stamps & Chipboard

We have some new items that we haven't yet had a chance to feature on our blog.  So, we thought we would wrap up April with a look our new products.  First up are some gorgeous chipboard pieces designed by one of our chipboard designers, Mina Arutynova.  Each of these new pieces is so elegant and detailed.


Braided Gem Frame

Carnival Mask

Dream Catcher

The release of our new collection, Tranquility, was so large, that we didn't have room to feature the 7 new stamps that coordinate with the Tranquility Collection.  These stamps would not only look great with this collection, but would also be perfect for adding some gorgeous texture to any project!

Did you find yourself wanting everything? 
What are your favorites?

Thursday, April 28, 2016

April Projects from Maiko

Hello Everyone!
Maiko here with you today to share my April projects.

First, I made this Layout using Beautiful "Autumn Anthology" collection.

"A Wonderful Life"

Blue Fern Studios used:
Autumn Anthology - Calling Cards
Autumn Anthology - Gazebo
Autumn Anthology - Newsworthy
Autumn Anthology - Penmanship

Garden Celebration
A Wonderful Life
Township Collage

Embossing Powder :

 Flowers - Courtship Blooms

 This Chipboard is the"Garden Celebration".
First, I applied this by a white acrylic color and colored using paint of
 green, yellow and purple after it.
Next,I applied the Embossing Ink, sprinkled the Embossing Powder and heated it up by a heater.
Finally,I colored around that with brown ink.

close up

This Chipboard is the"Township Collage".
I colored this like"Garden Celebration" .

I chose "A wonderful Life" as the title.
First, I painted it with an acrylic paint, colored it with green and brown paint,
and finally  I covered it in Glossy Accents.


These green Flowers are "Courtship Blooms".
so cute!

I also used the Beautiful  Courtship Lane collection for the second work.


Blue Fern Studios used:
Courtship Lane - Bourbon Ave
Courtship Lane - Calling Cards
Courtship Lane - Town Gossip

Blue Fern Bits
Doily Bunting
Bohemian Flowers
Happy, Heart, Love

Cotton Candy

Stamp - Weathered Doilies

This Chipboard is "Doily Bunting".
I colored this with "Cotton Candy"and "pearl" embossing powders.

These Flower Chipboards are "Bohemian Flowers".
I colored this with "Pearl" embossing powder and Pink Ink.

I chose "Heart" as the title.
First, I painted it with an acrylic paint, colored it with pink ink,
and finally  I covered it in Glossy Accents.

My last creation today is...

"grateful for You"

I used 
Blue Fern Studios used:
Serendipity - Imagination
Serendipity - Calling Cards

Timeless Floral Corner
Grateful For You

Embossing Powder:

Courtship Blooms

My background paper is "Imagination" and it is from the Serendipity collection.

This chipboard is the "Timeless Floral Corner".
 This Chipboard is "Persian Ornament"
I colored this with "Ginger","Oatmeal" embossing powders and some brown Inks

These mini brown Flowers are the "Courtship Blooms".

I love these Flowers.

This is simply painted with an acrylic paint ,block and some blown inks.

That is all from me today.
Thank you for visiting!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April Inspiration by Elena Volchkova

Hi everyone! Today, I have prepared three layouts using the beautiful Blue Fern Studio materials. And I'm happy to show them to you.

Adventure's layout

My first layout about travelling and adventures at sea. Pirate spirit and eco style.
I used the Meadows of Time paper from the Sanctuary collection. It's lovely combination of colors.
Chipboard "Born to be Wild" I colored with Heavenly and Seven seas Imagine Ink Embossing Powders.
Leaves from the "All Natural Set" was covered with Imagine Ink Lime embossing powder.
Bird from сhipboard set "Birds in Flight" toned white acrylic and decorated with Postal Textures Stamp.
In my project you can seу the many eco-friendly elements such as wood saw cuts, cork, stars anise, craft, thread and stones.
Blue Fern Studio Supply List:
Paper:  Sanctuary - Meadows of Time
Chipboard: Born to be Wild, Birds in Flight, All Natural Set
Stamps: Postal Textures
Imagine Ink Embossing Powder:  Heavenly, Seven seas, Lime

Dreamy layout

My second april project you can already see. This layout I have made for the Blue Fern April sketch.
This layout is about a girl, which need to believe in yourself and know that she is beautiful!
I used the Main Street paper from the Timeless Collection as my background paper.

 "Wish" сhipboard was covered with mixture of Garnet Imagine Ink embossing powder and Merlot Glitter. I used the Burnt Copper glitter to color the chipboard Renaissance Border.

Blue Fern Studio Supply List:
Paper:   Timeless- Main Street, Serendipity - calling Cards
ChipboardRenaissance Border, set "Wish, Wonder, Dream"
Stamps: Romantic Accents
Imagine Ink Embossing Powder: Garnet, Nutmeg, Copper
Glitters: Autumn, Burnt Copper, Merlot
Flowers: Courtship Blooms, Courtship Roses

Green spring layout

Spring layout for one more wonderful young girl. Many flowers and tenderness. The mix of a great paper for background - Love Story (calling Cards) and Frolic (Allegro).

Bird Ornaments Chipboard was covered with Imagine Ink 14 Karat embossing powder and cracle past on the bird.
Сute little elements and Brocade Texture Stamp on the background.

Sprigs Blooming Foliage сhipboard was covered with mixture of Imagine Ink embossing powders in Lime and Sage, which give the the perfect combination! Courtship Blooms flowers added volume and charm.
Blue Fern Studio Supply List:
Paper:  Love Story- calling Cards, Frolic - Allegro
Chipboard: Bird Ornaments, set "Wish, Wonder, Dream", Blooming Foliage
Stamps: Brocade Texture
Imagine Ink Embossing Powder: 14 Karat, Lime, Sage
Flowers: Courtship Blooms

I hope you enjoy viewing my projects. See you next time :)
Hugs, Elena

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

3 different collections with Yuko

Hello!Blue Fern Studios funs!
It's Yuko here!

【WHAT  A  wonderful DAY】
My family went to the memorial trip last month married 10 anniversary.
We took the photo at the same location as 10 years ago!

It was a wonderful experience!

Precious memories!

Because I wanted to express the clean and gorgeous feeling of Chapel

I chose this TIMELESS collection!

 Used tulle and white bird with the image of a wedding.

Clipboard (dangle) was embossed in parl.
It is clean out a little luster.

Such as the pattern of the letters and these bottles of paper
I feel good looks very little vintage.

Also processing the embossed of parl to the heart of the chip board,
 put a gold liquid Pearl from the top that.

<Blue Fern Studios>
Paper :  TIMELESS Artistique/ Calling Cards/Couture
Chipboard  : Romantic Page Dangles/Lace Heart Border
Embossing Powder/Pearl

These photos were taken by a Taketomi Island visited on the trip.

Because it was the color to red point
I chose the photo that is reflected in the bright red hibiscus and bougainvillea.

After the chipboard colored with ink
I was tracing with a pen of lame.

Chip board of the film was embossed with oatmeal.
Really this color is an excellent color can also be used to elegant to casual!

<Blue Fern Studios>
Paisley & Vine : Bohemian/Pathway/Playing Cards/Splendor/Whimsy
Chipboard : Journey, Explore, Discover/Film Strips/Directions
Enbossing Powder/Oatmeal

The other work is using the April sketch.

Paper used was a little nostalgic Frolic Collection.

The title was used for embossing powder 14karat.
This color also uses well with your favorite !

And Circle punch the card stock in the background, using the created template
I put a glitter paint a bond there.

This color and is beautiful!
The name is CARIBBEAN.

Finely skip the white paint
To have toned down as multiplied by the veil softly.

Blue Fern Studios
Frolic Collection -  Adorn/Friendship/Petits Moments
Chipboard-Brilliant, Amazing, Dazzling
Embossing Powder -14Karat

Thank you!