Monday, August 28, 2017

August inspiration by Pascale B.

Hello Sweeties

Today I'm back on Blue Fern Studios blog.

The first layout I have to share with you a layout feature a photo montage I've created.I used the new collection Amber and Apricot.

First, I primed the background with clear gesso. Then I mixed some Autumn glitter with a 3D gloss gel to add a design with a stencil to the background. I want the design to be discreet.

I covered the Corner Flourish with a copper crackle paste. I primed the Fern leaves with gesso, then I painted them with different watercolors. While the watercolors were still wet I sprinkled them with several embossing powders: Lime, Avocado, Chili Powder and Hot Cocoa and I heat embossed them.

When the background was dried, I used the Honey Bits and the Departure stamps to add more texture with different Archival inks.

I cut a few papers to add under the photo. Then I glued all the embellishments: some Apricot and Chesterville Blooms, the Fern Leaves and the Corner Flourish. I added some color to the background.

To finish the layout I added some Twig and Paprika seedlings.

Blue Fern Studios products:

Amber & Apricot collection: Busy bees, Joyful and Tweet Melody
Chipboards: Corner Flourish, Fern Leaves
Flowers: Apricot Blooms, Chesterville Blooms
Stamps: Honey Bits, Departure
Glitter: Autumn
Embossing Powders: Chili Powder, Hot Cocoa, Avocado, Lime
Seedlings: Paprika, Twig


Here is my second project. I used again the Amber & Apricot collection to lay out this photo of a sculpture from Edith Guillaume.

I primed the background with clear gesso. Then I added a design with a stencil and clear crackle paste. I let dry naturally.

I primed Krystal's border with white gesso. Then I embossed it with different embossing powders to match the color of the statue. 

When the background was dry, I added another design with the Departure stamp and the Pear embossing powder. Then I added some color with different watercolors.

I primed the Rose leaves with white gesso before painting them with different shades of green and brown watercolors.

I cut a few papers from the Amber & Apricot collection to add under the photo and I glued all the embellishments with a 3D gel.

To finished the layout I added some seedlings and glitter.

Blue Fern Studios products:

Amber & Apricot collection - Birdsong, Tweet Melody, Yesteryear
Chipboards - Krystal's Border, Rose Leaves
Flowers - Fresh Floral
Stamp - Departure
Embossing Powders - Chili Powder, Nutmeg, Auburn, Pearl
Glitter - Autumn
Seedlings - Paprika, Twig


Here is my third project. I work with the Happy Accident collection to showcase a photo I've taken of the castle of L'Islette where the tempestuous love affair between the two sculptors Camille Claudel and Auguste Rodin was sheltered. 

As usual, I primed the background with clear gesso. Then I added a design with a stencil and Graphite paste. When dry I toned down the design with white gesso.

While the background was drying, I primed the Leafy Twigs with white gesso and the Manchester Frame with black gesso. I used some waxes to alter the frame.

I colored the leaves with different shades of green watercolor and sprinkled them with the Avocado embossing powder while they were still wet. After having embossed them, I added some green wax. 

I cut some papers to add under the photo in the Layering Cards sheet and I glued all the embellishments with a 3D gel.

To finish the layout I added some seedlings and glitter.

Blue Fern Studios products:

Happy Accident collection - Incident, Layering Cards
Chipboards - Manchester Frame, Leafy Twigs
Embossing Powder - Avocado
Glitter - Orange Peel
Seedlings - Mustard, Paprika, Twig

Thursday, August 24, 2017

August inspiration by Vera Shelemekh

Hello Blue Fern Studios fans.
It's Vera Shelemekh here and I'm happy to share with you some fresh and bright summer inspiration.  I've made a botanic layout with Wanderlust paper and mixed two summer collections in a seaside layout. And for the dessert today are Happy accident chocolate boxes with lace and flowers.

The summer here in Moscow is a bit cold this year, but we had a couple of warm weeks to enjoy the Nature, to wonder with a butterfly net and breathe wonderful floral smells.
For this layout I used Wanderlust - Lakeside as background.

The photo is framed in a frame from Ever After Frame Set covered with avocado embossing powder.

 I decorated the layout with many stamped flowers, Damask Flourishes chipboard covered with lime embossing powder, stamped bugs and butterflies and a sweet owl.

"Discover" is the header taken from Wanderlust Words set

Blue Fern Studios products used:
Wanderlust - Lakeside 
Ever After Frame Set
 Damask Flourishes
Wanderlust Words 
Embossing powder:

Stamp - Garden Frolic 
Stamp - Owls and Birds
  Fresh Florals

The other layout is combination of Wanderlust and Seaside cottage collections. The background is Ocean Voyage from Wanderlust. And the composition is the mixture of Seaside Cottage - Splendor and elements cut from the paper with cards.

 I also used the octopus and sea stars from Nautical Set and framed the photo in Wanderlust - Printed Chipboard frame.

The mixed media background includes stamping with Stamp - Essential Textures and waves colored with embossing powders Summer breeze and Stormy seas

Blue Fern Studios products used:
Wanderlust - Ocean Voyage
 Seaside Cottage - Splendor
Wanderlust - Printed Chipboard
Nautical Set
Embossing powder:
 Summer breeze 
Stormy seas

Stamp - Essential Textures

The chocolate boxes are made of Happy Accident - Blessing and Quirk papers and decorated with Lace 5 and wonderful Blue Fern Studios Fern leaves covered with Iridescent Grey embossing powder and flowers.

 You can put chocolates or money inside.
Blue Fern Studios products used:
Happy Accident - Blessing 
Happy Acciden - Quirk
Fern leaves
Embossing powder:
Iridescent Grey

Lace 5 

Courtship Roses
Wish you to spend the rest of Summer with use and see you in September ;)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

August inspiration by Wendy Scholten

Hi all,
Today's my turn on the Blue Fern Studios Blog with my projects for August.

This is my firts layout called:


I used the Wanderlust collection, the Pacific Coast paper on the background and a piece of the Memento paper on top. I also used a piece of the Roadtrip paper behind my photo.
A piece of lace 3 used to cover the seem.
 I also cut out some flowers from the lace 4 to tuck behind my flower clusters.
 I embossed the Swallow border with Snow embossing powder and cut it in pieces to fit my photo and the word Happy with the Sand and Sea embossing powder.
 For the flowers i used the Wanderlust Lilies and some of my own stash.
Blue Fern Studio's products used:

Papers: Wanderlust
-Pacific Coast
-Road trip

-Happy from the Chunky words set
-Swallow Border

Embossing powders:
-Sand and Sea


-Wanderlust Lilies

My second layout:

'Nature's playground'

I also used the Wanderlust collection for this layout.
I used the Ocean Voyage paper and a small piece of the Roadtrip paper behind my photo.
For my background i used a stencil and moddeling paste as well as some color sprays.
I cut a piece of lace and placed it behind my photo.

I embossed the Hot Cocoa embossing powder for my Nature's Playground title that i cut in half.
The Oatmeal embossing powder for the Leaf Swirled Frame and the Avocado embossing powder for the Fern Leaves.
 I also used the Late Winter Lilies and the Heartland Blossoms.
Blue Fern studios products used:

-Ocean Voyage

-Nature's playground
-Fern Leaves
-Leaf Swirled frame

Embossing Powder:
-Hot Cocoa


-Late Winter Lilies
-Heartland Blossoms

And my last one this month:

'Happy Moment'

I used the new Amber and Apricot Collection.
For the background i used the Chapters paper and tore the Birdsong paper a bit so you can see the background. I also used 2 sets of stamps, the Honey Bits and the Sweet titles to give my background a bit more texture.
 I embossed the Happy Moment ( i cut it out of the frame) with the Hot Cocoa embossing powder and the Krystals Frame small with the Glistening sand embossing powder.
I also used a few pieces of the printed chipboard.
 For the flower clusters i used the new Apricot Blooms and the Fresh Florals.
Blue Fern Studios Products used:


-Krystals Frame Small
-Happy moment
-Printed Chipboard

Embossing powder:
-Glistening Sand
-Hot Cocoa

-Honey Bits
-Sweet titles

-Apricot Blooms
-Fresh Florals

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day!
Hugs wendy

Thursday, August 17, 2017

August inspiration an a video by Annie Samson

Hi Blue Fern Studios fan,

I am verry excited to share my 2 layouts made from the brand new collection Amber & Apricot.


For my first layout, I wanted to create a deep and romantic layout.
 I choose the back side of the Chapiters paper to create my layout.
I add some modeling past trough two differents stencils and add 2 tones of brown and 2 tones of yellow ink to create my focal point.
I embosed the Krystal's frame large with Copper embossing powder and the Krystal's frame small with Honey embossing powder
Than I use pieces from Faded Bloom and Yesteryear papers to create dimention.
I use the Bits of honey stamp kit to add texture to my background.
I use some chipbaord of the coordinated chipboard to embellish my layout.
And I use the Apricot bloom,  Chestervill bloom and Garden life flowers to decorate my layout.
For the final touch, I use the Paprika and Mustard seedling un top of my ornements.

Here some closed up of my layout

Here a process video of my layout

Here the list of the Blue Fern Studios products I used

Faded Bloom 

Krystal's frame large 
Krystal's frame small
coordinated chipboard

Embossing powder
Copper embossing 

Bits of honey 

Apricot bloom,
 Chestervill bloom
Garden life


Sweet as honey

For my second layout, I wanteed to create a more delicate layout.
I choose the paper Friendship and add a little bit of peach ink on my backgroud.
I cut my Fading bloom chipbord in two pieces and embosse it with Coral embossing powder.
I also use pieces of Shabby brick bites embossed with the Honey embossing powder.
I have also use the Honey embossing powder for my title; Sweet as honey.
I add some coordinated chipboard under my picture.
And finaly I have used flowers from Aprico bloom and Chesterville floral to decorate my layout.

Here some closed up of my layout

Here the list of the Blue Fern Studios products I used


Fading bloom
Shabby brick bites
Sweet as honney.
coordinated chipboard 

Embossing powder

Apricot bloom,
 Chestervill Florals

Thanks for your visit and see you soon, Annie Samson