Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September inspiration by Elena Volchkova

Hi everyone! Today, I have prepared three layouts using the beautiful Blue Fern Studio materials. And I'm happy to show them to you.

September... Fall brings cool. And we all want to extend the summer. Let's try? My layout of the summer days. A lot of flowers and heat. And romance of course!

"Forest Fairy" layout

This layout is for my sister. I really like this photo, and I wanted to do a little magic layout. Simple and complex at the same time.
I used the Susan's Dream paper from the Ombre Dreams Collection as my background paper. I wanted a very light background, and this paper was the perfect. Сhipboard of a set "Forest Friends" can be applied idealy for this layout.

From the photos I made a 3-D structure. Cut the picture into several parts and the central part raised above the rest.

Chipboard Swirly Doodle was covered with Imagine Ink 14 Karat embossing powders. It is so beautifully with butterflies and spring flowers!

Animals from the "Forest Friends" set was covered with mixture of Imagine Ink embossing powders in 14 Karat and Petal. For snail I added additionaly Breeze Imagine Ink embossing powders.

And then you can see in the background mix of glitters - Sunshine and Peridot. They are so funny!

Blue Fern Studios Supply List:
Paper: Ombre Dreams - Susan's Dream
Chipboard: Swirly Doodle, Forest Friends
Imagine Ink Embossing Powder: Breeze, 14 Karat, Petal
Glitters: Sunshine, peridot

"Walk in a lilac garden" layout

My second layout about the walking in a lilac garden. La Plume paper from the Deja Vu Collection I used as my background paper. The second paper is the same I used to cut flowers out of it.
Many flowers and tenderness.

Serenity was covered with mixture of Imagine Ink embossing powders in Lilac and Iris.

Harlequin Panel
decorated with Imagine Ink 14 karat embossing powder.

I used the Serendipity Medley stamp with Imagine Ink Iris embossing powder to create some details on my background. Plus I added drops of glitter Dusty Rose.

A little bit of lace and shabby ribbons added romance and tenderness.
And the main decor - flowers cutting from La Plume paper.

Blue Fern Studios Supply List:
Paper: Deja Vu - La Plume
Chipboard: "Serenity, Calm, Hushed" set, Harlequin Panel
Stamp: Serendipity Medley
Imagine Ink Embossing Powder: Lilac, Iris, 14 karat
Glitters: Dusty Rose

"Romance with umbrella" layout

The third layout today about romance with umbrella. It's very romantic and feminine. I used the Allegro paper from the Frolic Collection as my background paper.

Stillness was covered with Imagine Ink Breeze embossing powder. Embroidery - a little bird - adds a unique for my work.

I used a lot of lace, butterflies. Аnd of course, the flowers of the sets - Attic Charm Glitter Roses, Courtship Roses. They are beautiful!

Romantic Page Dangles I covered with Imagine Ink 14 karat embossing powder.

Blue Fern Studios Supply List:
Paper: Frolic - Allegro
Chipboard: "Peaceful, Stillness, Contentment" set, Romantic Page Dangles
Imagine Ink Embossing Powder: 14 karat, Breeze
Glitters: Blue Ice
Flowers: Attic Charm Glitter Roses, Courtship Roses

I hope you enjoy viewing my projects. See you next time :)
Hugs, Elena

Monday, September 26, 2016

Summer &Autumn layout with Yuko

Hello! friends! Yuko here!
I made 3 works this month using favorite 
summer paper "seaside cottage" and 
favorite "Autumn Anthology".

First 1st work is a layout that uses the Autumn Anthology.

I made a photograph of grapes hunting went the other day.
Individual grapes hunt was the best !

The title did emboss in purple emboss powder Iris.
It is beautiful in a very dark purple.

Circle of chip board in color embossing powder of that mashroom.
This color is not a little also contains brown green dull
It is a good color calm.

Chip board of bricks will use well love.

After this was embossed with otameal
mashiroom with a partially sprinkled are marked with 
an uneven against the heater.

Press the stamp (Forever) in in Versa mark to mount paper
It was embossed with gold embossing powder 14karat.

I cut a pattern of the paper finely and repeat it.
... which a mushroom has a cute!

<Blue Fern Studios>
Paper   Autum Anthology     Mercantile/ Penmanship/Gazebo/Calling Cards
Chipboard      Happy, Heart, Love/Shabby Brick Bits/Looped Frames
Flower   Attic Charm Daisies/Courtship Blooms/Harvest Lilies
Embossing poweder    Iris /Oatmeal/Mushroom/14karat
Stamp   Forever

It is the second work.
Here it is also similarly Autumn Anthology series.

It differs quite atmosphere in the same series.

Chip board of the large circle is using to cut.

First, the yellow AUBURN embossed dull as a whole base
The dark orange of CHILI POWDER
 from the top that has been embossed.

Because there is a little color was darker
 in this state partially (at the boundary of the yellow and orange)

Embossed Sprinkle OATMEAL, 
flew last in the Gesso with a brush.

Title is embossed in COPPER.
It is a metallic color of lame with a strong presence.
Layout you'll tightening!

Lace pattern of the background is the silk screen.
I thought Silk screen is good! .

<Blue Fern Studios>
Paper   Autum Anthology    Mercantile/Robin/Calling Cards/Cottage
Chipboard     Circle Groups/Story, Fairytale, Magic
Flower   Attic Charm Daisies/Courtship Blooms

It is the third work.

This time, cut out of a large rudder handle
It was placed in a different paper.

As there were many cute patterns, I cut out this paper a lot.

The title is first from painted white chip board in Gesso
It was embossed with OATMEAL only the lower half.

Chip board of lanthanum, after embossed 
two colors of HONEY and COPPER.
I put the glitter Pyrite partially

With a pattern in the modeling paste with a stencil of small dots
Sprinkle the powder of lame before it dries.

This layout is with reference to the mood board in September.

<Blue Fern Studios>
Paper   Seaside Cottage  Calling Cards/Mermaid/ Splendor/Relics
Chipboard    Beach Babe/Seaside Lanterns
Flower    Seaside Lilies/Tranquil Blooms
Embossing poweder HONEY/COPPER/OATMEAL
Glitter   Pyrite

Thank you!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

September Share by Karine


I can't believe it's already the end of September! Were did the summer went? Oh my...

September 24th means it's my day here at Blue Fern Studios. So lets start with my first share.

A Walk on the Beach

You have probably seen this layout already, as I presented it September 1st for the moodboard reveal.

I started out with the Contemplation paper from the Serendipity collection.

All around my picture, I used some cards from the Calling Cards, along with some scrap pieces from the Fascination and Anticipation papers, also part of the Serendipity collection.

To add some interest to my background, I used the Brocade Texture and the Arcadia Textures stamps and embossed the patterns with snow Imagine Ink embossing powder. You can see some of the texture created on the picture above, over the flowers.

To embellish, I used some Seaside Lilies, Seaside Roses and Tranquil Roses and Lilies.

Lastly, my chipboard pieces, the Mesh Bits and my title (A Walk on the Beach) are covered with sandy paste and dry brushed with white gesso.


My second layout uses the Stillness paper from the Tranquility collection.

On my background, i used the Serendipity Medley and Essential Textures stamps.

I decided to cut apart the Dresden Corsage and to emboss the flowers I created with some Garnet Imagine Ink embossing powder. 

To go with the flowers, I also used the Spring Branch that I cut in pieces and embossed with Fern Imagine Ink embossing powder. To add some interest, I used a sponge to add some white gesso while the powder was still hot.

I used some flowers from the Attic Charm Daisies set and some from the Tranquil Blooms set.

Finally, my title piece is part of the Serendipity Words 2 set. I coloured it with ink.


Finally, my last layout is called Delightful. I started with one of my all time favorites collection: Ombré Dreams. The background paper here is called Ginger's Dream.

I used the Forever and Serendipity Medley stamps to stamp on my background.

I cut the Turkish panel and embossed the pieces with Imagine Ink snow embossing powder.

Over that, I used the Blooming Flourish that I cut and embossed with Sea Mist Imagine Ink embossing powder. 

My title piece, part of The Optimist Word Set, is embossed with Auburn Imagine Ink embossing powder.

I hope it inspires you.
Have a nice day.