Saturday, March 23, 2019

Inspiration Panel

Hello all, it's Aida from @aidaville and welcome back to the Blue Fern Studios Blog. Spring is here with soft, sweet blooms and today I have a panel using the fresh colours of the season. To make this interesting, the decorative elements were layered on top of a Bird House shape which can easily be cut out from patterned paper.

Here are the products I used :

Blue Fern Studios supplies :
Printed Chipboard - Wanderlust  |  Happy Accident
Chipboard Jewelled Page Baubles 
Happy Accident #2 - Faux  |  Damsel
Blue Fern Florals
Others : 
7" x 9" Flat Back Canvas Panel
Collage Medium, Acrylic Paints, Water Soluble Crayons, Texture Paste, 
White Gesso, small assorted die-cuts

Start by painting and texturing the canvas. Next, adhere torn pieces of patterned paper with collage medium.

The Jeweled Baubles were given a thick coat of gold paint and after it dried, swipe lightly with white gesso for a shabby look.

I used a Bird House shape to give a framed structure to this piece and make it easy to build on.  It helps to use cut out a thin chipboard shape first and adhere the paper on top of the shape. I didn't used a fixed size, it's mainly "eye-balled" to fit the middle of the canvas.

Glue the Jeweled Baubles to the front of the Bird House, then trim the Scalloped shape printed chipboard into 2 pieces, and glue it on the top.

Bunch up florals of different colours, securely glue them on top of the chipboards and then insert small branches of die cuts to fill any gaps.

On the apex of the roof, I glued on a Butterfly die-cut and layered the chipboard word "Inspiration" from the Happy Accident Printed Chipboard sheet. The sticker "Collect Beautiful Moments" is an ideal addition to the theme of the piece.

I hope the warmer days ahead with young flowers peeping out, the greenery coming back and more time outdoors will give you a boost of inspired ideas. Remember to come back for more gorgeous work from the Blue Fern Studios Team, see you soon !

Aida Haron, @aidaville

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