Monday, February 25, 2013

Two projects with Irina Gerschuk

Hi there my dear scrappy friends))))

It's Irina with you today. And I'd like to share with you my two new projects.

First one is a LO. On the photo is my little sister. Well, maybe not so little any more... She is almost 12 years old now and has her own opinion about everything)))) For example not long ago she decided not to photo ever again. Thanks the Universe, Alexandra loves scrapbooking! So after all she agreed to stand in front of my camera for a few minutes)))
And here are some close-ups:
I mixed six different kinds of BFS chippies in this LO. Different designs perfectly match and complement each other! And it was so much fun to play with them)))
I used Blue Fern Frame as a mask here. It looks amazing!
The designs of some of the chippies are so delicate that it was not hard to gave them more dimension by bending them and passing between other embellishments:
It took quite a time to realize how to finish the composition on the top. But after all I saw a swirly heart from the Heart Set and took a little piece from it that matched all the flourishes.
All the BFS chippies I covered with white embossing powder and than added a little bit of bronze emboss powder as a second layer. I was trying to achieve some shabby effect (as an old paint or rust).

And here are the Blue Fern Studios products I used for the LO:
Blue Fern Frame (074325):
Blue Fern Frame

Blue Fern Flourish (074400):
Blue Fern Flourish

Blooming Flourish (074509):
Blooming Flourish (2)

Organic Vine Corner (074622):
Organic Vine Corner - Large

Large Blue Fern Flourish (074493):
Large Blue Fern Flourish

Heart Set (074417):
Heart Set

The second project is a soft notebook made from scratch:

Some details:

I covered the Symphony Border with gold embossing powder to match the color of the fabric:

I used the Symphony Border (074530):
Symphony Border

Well ladies, I really hope that you've had some fun)))) And thanks for stopping!

Wish you all the best!


  1. Ирина - великолепно!!! и страничка и блокнотик! блокнотик даже больше на душу лег, хочется в руках подержать и себе в сумочку положить, ага...

  2. Ирина страничка просто шикарная! Сестренка красоточка! Жаль, что не хочет фотографироваться, наверное это пройдет скоро)))

  3. Шикарные работы!!! Такой уровень!!!

  4. Иринка молодец ,гордость берет, за таких талантливых наших мастериц. Чипборд конечно шикарный, но страничка с блокнотом просто СУПЕР!

  5. Какая красота! Блокнот это 100% попадпние!!!!

  6. Страничка впечатляющая и восхитительная!!!А блокнот очень нежный!Ира ты потрясающий мастер!!!

  7. Очень богатая страничка и на декор и на самовыражение !!
    Такие насыщенные , неземные сочетания цвета ...
    Блокнот само спокойствие и статность !
    Понравились ......

  8. These are both absolutely beautiful and stunning!!! I love the colors!!

    Happy crafting

  9. Блокнотик просто великолепный!

  10. Your creations are absolutely stunning!! Wow!

  11. your every work - just artwork and projects, and today's projects - gorgeouse! I love the mask with the frame and how all elements work to give stunning look and I love elegant notebook very much!