Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saying Goodbye to the 2018 Design Team--Thank You, Jennifer Jacques

Before introducing our 2019 Design Team, we wanted to take a few days to thank our 2018 Design Team and look back at some of their beautiful work.  We would like to start with Jennifer Jacques.  Over the past year, Jennifer has shared some amazing layouts & projects.  They are so elegant, with all the little layers and details, as you can see below. 

You can see more of Jennifer's work and these completed layouts here, here, here, and here.  

Thank you, Jennifer, for all of your stunning layouts and projects in 2018!!!

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  1. Thanks to BFS, to Leslie and Valerie, who let me be part of this team. I had loooooved working with those products, especially papers and I'm glad BFS will continue with a new team. Thanks for this past year resume xxx best of luck for 2019 :)