Friday, February 2, 2018

'' In the mood '' to sharing ... Layouts by Tartine Peluche

Hello everybody!
I'm back to share with you my new inspirations.
This month, I propose you two pages of the ''Remnants'' collection
and one of the new collection ''In the Mood''.
... I hope you like pink and purple ...

My first one is :

*You are LIFE ...*
( Remnants , Devonshire )

I've separated the heart of the '' Garden Blooms '' flowers to create more smaller flowers, I used the others part in the top of my photo.

As you know, I really like the lace, I like torn and use it partly on differet spot of my creation.
Here, a piece of Lace 5 under the photo and another piece used on the
bottom photo to create texture on my background.

All chipboards here, are embossed with '' Taupe '' powder. The other pieces on the
background are simply painted.

The Butterfly and the word '' LIFE '' are part of the Printed Chipboard '' REMNANTS ''

I used a lot of seedlings again, especially '' MAUVE'' '' PURPLE HAZE''
and a bit of ''GLASS'' seedlings that I mix with my own pearls and mini embellishements...

BFS products used:
Printed chipboard Remnants
Embossing Powder:
Lavender Eggs
Garden Blooms
Remnants Blooms
Tattered Newsprint
Sterling Silver
Purple Haze
Lace 5


My next one :

Live Your Dream
( Remnants, Vignette )

First I've made a background full of texture, then I added a large piece of LACE 6 on them. I've painted it before sticked on background.

A montage of BFS flowers in layers  to insert the butterfly, as if it was foraging.

Zoom on the seedlings ..

Embossed in ''Taupe'' powder, the title catches the eye and gives a deep effect to my bakground.


BFS products used:
Paper:- Vignette
Chipboards:- Printed Chipboards Remnants
Embossing Powder:- Taupe
- Night Sky
- Bubble Gum
Flowers:- Remnants Blooms
- Garden Blooms
- Harvest Lilies
Stamps:- Scratched
- Tattered Newsprint
Seedlings:- Twigs
Gold Nugget
Laces:- Lace 6

And Finally my next one:

( In The Mood, Dreamy )


I used 3 papers for this one, the first is ''DREAMY'' to which I stuck in the bottom '' BLISSFUL''. The other one ( OPTIMISTIC) is used on the top left of the page and with my picture as an embellishment.

Lot of lace again! I used LACE4 as embellishment and Lace 7B ( White ) for the background.
The first layer of chipboard are embossed in PIXIE DUST, the other in BABY PINK.
You see also the beautiful BFS flowers mix of LATE WINTER LILIES and GARDEN BLOOMS

Zoom on the PIXIE DUST embossing powder.
The ring is embossed with BLACK AND GOLD embossing powder.

The flourishe embossined in BABY PINK and butterfly PIXIE DUST. The tip of the feather, is embossed in GINGER.
Under my paper '' Dreamy'' I placed a piece of LACE10 in pink color.
All the white beads comes from the LACE9B.
I used GOLD NUGGET and Pink topaz seedlings.

Zoom on the flowers, love it so much!!

My Title, sweetheart comes from th Printed Chipboard IN THE MOOD.

BFS products used:
Paper:- Dreamy
- Optimistic
- Blissful
Chipboards:Printed Chipboards In The Mood
Embossing Powder:- Baby Pink
- Pixie Dust
- Black and Gold
Glitters:- Pink Diamond
Flowers:- Garden Blooms
- Dark Tropic Lilies
Stamps:- Tattered Newsprint
Seedlings:- Gold Nugget
- Pink Topaz
Laces:- Lace 4

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope I have inspired you.
I'll see you next month with another inspirations from IN THE MOOD collection.
Hugs, Tartine xoxo

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