Monday, February 26, 2018

IN THE mood layout by Yuko

Hello!friesnds!I like February!
Because there is a Valentine's Day
Because the world will be full of hearts!

Using the very sweet In the mood collection
I made three sheets of layouts with hearts!

【ALL You Need is Love】

A special dress shot taken on her daughter 's anniversary.
I was looking forward to using this picture very much!

In this monnd collection
I brought the paper with the softest image to the backing.
Just like a slightly deep pink accentuates
I cut the paper narrowly and run it in a line shape in both length and width.

Chipboard of the same collection is also very cute!

I used the heart inside and applied the paper from the back.

The title paints the chip board white with Gesso
I put a glitter (Rose Gold) on the bottom.
This Rose Gold glitter,
As the name suggests, there is a pink lame in the gold
It is very cute color ❤

I cut out the stamped paper and used it.
I also love this stamp (Deja Vu) and I use it many times.
Because BFS's elegant atmosphere fits any paper
I am doing great success!

The race is BFS's too!
Even using only a little makes it very gorgeous!

 In the mood   

 In the mood  /All YOU NEED is Love

Apricot Blooms/Moody Florals

 Rose Gold


Deja Vu



To be able to match adult photos here
I aimed a little cool feeling!
I thought red × black as the main.

Background is to texture with modeling paste
I colored with acrylic paint.

Title is stamp of this frame (Label Frames)

I pushed the letters of (Distressed Titles) FAMLY of this stamp.

Press the dot stamp on the background
Embossed with antique gold.

Wings of this heart stamp (Winged Hearts)I cut and pasted what I did.

This texture stamp (Tattered Harlequin) is also
I use it many times as a favorite.

In the mood   Blissful/Ecstatic/Dreamy/Optimistic

In the mood   

Moody Florals

Embossing powder
antique gold

Distressed Titles/Tattered Harlequin
Winged Hearts/Swiss Dots

【grateful for YOU】
It is a unique culture in Japan.
School bags to buy when going to elementary school.
Do you know?
I am deeply impressed with having grown with this.

Because my daughter's clothes are navy
The selected paper is pink × red and black
Paper that has become a good feeling accent .
If the surroundings are black it will tighten!

Embossed powder (wheat) was used for the title.
It is a very elegant gold and is my favorite color

The butterfly chip board is embossed using pastel pink embossed powder
I sprinkled two kinds of Seedling
It is transparent pink (sweet pea) and metallic pink (mauve).

I often use an alphabetic stamp
Always do not feel like pushing
I dare dare to put it on an acrylic block 
and hold it with my hand and press the stamp
This is useful because it seems to be hidden from the beginning! ! !

In the mood   Amused/Pensive/Optimistic

In the mood /greateful for you 

Moody Florals/Garden Blooms

Embossing powder
wheat/It’s a girl

sweet pea/mauve

Tattered Newsprint

Lace 10

Thank you !

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