Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Three times mixed media with Attic Charm by Wilma Voermans.

For this layout I used the monthly sketch which you will find here.
Orange is a favorite color for me, to use in vintage aswell as modern layouts.
This picture shows my daughter ready for travelling on the station.
The whole scene gave me a vintage feeling. I love that picture.
My starting point was the KEY paper (B-side).
I use mostly B-sides of papers, no intention, I just like them better ..

The sketch ( I turned it)

For the orange color I  used beads

I colored the white daisies with the orange heart with paint and gesso.
Afterwards I felled sorry for this, because 1 week later my son married.
And what had the bride in her bouquet??? White daisies with a orange heart !
And my beautiful white ones are used....

The lamppost is grunged up with embossing , gesso and paint.
To mimic the brigthness where the lightsource comes from I used golden paint ,
over golden embossing

Second layout is also based on the June sketch.....
It was supposed to be  masculine, since I used a photo from one of my sons.
But there is a difference for me  between very masculine pictures for example in black and white.
This picture is in soft colors , so I did not overdo the masculine theme.

I started with the Sachet paper ( B-side)  out of the Attic charm collection.
My favorit without a doubt..
Colored the background with pastels and water., but left the beautiful pattern to show through.
In the background there are a few soft flowers that I covered up with gesso and my photocluster.
With a black perlpen, I draw random figures.
Than with a mask some greyish/blue inking.

The chipboard is a frame piece ,  one of the clipboard set.
I cut it up, used one as my love you title and the rest here and there over the layout.
I made a mix from nutmeg and oatmeal powder.
The color gets less intensive because of the oatmeal. 
Tip for summerlayouts: Oatmeal is super for beachthemes!

The titel is just inked up with black drawing ink


My last layout for today is also in green/orange  Like the first one.
It just came out this way :) 
Although the orange is not that obvious like the first layout.

The start of the layout was on the beautiful Generation paper (Yes, again the B-side).
Starting off with two colors orange ink.  (offcourse first clear gesso )
Random heavy gesso, and than different shades of green embossing sprinkled over the background.
I have many many colors Blue Fern Studios embossing powder.
It is  such a luxury to pick the colors out of the whole range.
Here I used verdant and Lime..
Heatset it.
Than with a foliage stencil again heavy gesso.

The chipboard pieces I used are all embossed with pearl embossing powder.
Flourish, winter page dangle and title.

Thanks for visiting the blog, 
I hope you liked my post.
x Wilma x


  1. Wilma you are amazing as always!! I miss your video's so much, great layout!!!!

    1. So sweet of you to miss my videos Linda :) I thought people get bored of my videos when I make too much. But soon I make a few again. Thanks for your always so sweet comments!

  2. Wow all 3 of these layouts are fabulous!

  3. Bored ??? Wilma it is impossible !!!!!

  4. Gorgeous work Wilma!! Love your Wilmalicious style!!

    1. Ha, you have always said that word ,since I started scrapbooking so funny :) Thanks! x

  5. Wilma - all gorgeous layouts - as always. I very much enjoy your work!

  6. Wilma, these are exquisite! I adore them.So beautiful, -especially the first one. :-)