Monday, June 27, 2016

Layout and Wall hangings with yuko

Hello! It's Yuko Here!
 I made 3 layout in three different types of paper each.
I love also every paper!

First one・・・

I used a little nostalgic Froric series.
This series I love also cute !

This bright red roses! It was very nice!

This rose Blue Fern Studios Attic Charm Glitter Roses.
Gold is very luxurious and have the edge!

Title was processed with embossing powder.
It piled up EBONY (black) after embossed with GINGER.

From the top to the lattice of chip board, which was embossed with 14CARAT.
Coating the modeling paste.

<Blue Fern Studios Products>
Paper :   Froloc /Adorn/Friendship/Mercantile
Flower :Attic Charm Glitter Roses/Courtship Blooms
Chipboard:  Shabby Brick Bits/Lattice Gate
Embossing powder :Oatmeal/14karat/mashroom

And second・・・

Here  I used the Attic Charm collection.
But it is nice in the pale shade seems Blue Fern Stuidos.

Used even first work , but a rose of with this gold glitter.
Really convenient!

It is easy to use Courtship Blooms!

Title chip board was embossed with 14KARAT.
My favorite is because become very ornate gold in Lame.

The cardboard of this big feather.
Though I thought whether the beginning is too big, 
I am pretty when I use it!
I liked it!!!
After emboss did the whole in OATMEAL,
 I attached glitter of PERIDOT partially.

I stamped the mount of the background
 with an English letter stamp in Varsamark
 and did emboss in gold.

<Blue Fern Studios Products>
 Papre:  Attic Charm  Calling Cards/Curio/ Foyer/Mercantile
Chipboard: Brilliant, Amazing, Dazzling/La Plume
Flower:   Attic Charm Glitter Roses/Courtship Blooms
Embossing powder:OATMEAL/14karat 

Last third・・・


This made wall hangings using the outside big cardboard.
It is the force that is good as there are approximately 11 inches!

I employed a lot of flowers, and a lot of paper which I cut out repeated it.

I used three colors for cardboard and did emboss.

<Blue Fern Studios Products>
Paper :   Attic Charm Calling Cards/ Mercantile/Foyer
Chipboard:   Looped Frames
Flower:   Attic Charm Glitter Roses/Courtship Blooms

Thank you for looking!

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