Saturday, June 18, 2016

Around the World with Blue Fern Studios- by Keren Tamir

Hi Everyone,
Its Keren here with a different type of blog post today!!!

Ever wonder where Blue Fern Studios' products are used? except for the US, where it is manufactured, Blue Fern Studios products travel to many places around the world.

Recently I had the pleasure of teaching this layout class below in Quito, Ecuador.
I have some photos below depicting my experience!!
I've also taught the same layout last year in San Jose, Costa Rica and so I'm sharing both events with you today as Blue Fern Studios travels to Central and South America!!


For the classes in Ecuador I used the Courtship Lane papers as the original ones were sold out. The Blue Fern Studios papers match so well with each other that it wasn't a problem switching these around.
The Blue Fern Studios chipboard pieces used for this layout were: Majestic Frame, Flutter Dangles and two special words "Momentos Especiales" designed just for us in Spanish.
I also used the Blue Fern Studios embossing powders to emboss the chipboard.

Here I am below explaining some components of the class.

Everyone is busy concentrating on their work. I love seeing my students working hard as it makes the final result so much more rewarding!!

Selfie with Isela the owner as everyone is working behind us!!

Look at the beautiful creations. Each one more beautiful than the next!!


Below are the pictures of my event from last October in Costa Rica.
It was an amazing event as well and everyone loved the Blue Fern Studios products.
Below is the same layout class as above but with a different paper collection for the background.
The other components remained the same.

Everyone working hard!!!!

Here are the beautiful creations!! look at all the Blue Fern Studios loveliness.

Thank you so much for visiting the Blue Fern Studios blog!!
Hope you enjoyed this blog post!!
Have a wonderful day!!



  1. Keren - beautiful page! And, thanks for sharing your class pictures - wonderful.