Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NEW Products for April!

Each and every month we release new and exciting chipboard designs, and this month is no exception! Take a look at what NEW products we have for you:

It's All About the Details...

Layered Iron Bridge

Lace Rounds

Industrial Corner

Nature's Finest...

Layering Stems

Royal Monarchs

Wild Flourish Bundle

Fancy Frames...

Majestic Frame

 Treasured Floral Frame

Wild Flourish Frame

Popular Panels...

Quilted Page Panel

City Map Page Panel

Tangier Page Panel

Dot Grid Page Panel

Quick Titles...

Wild Thing

Spring Fever

One Cute Chick

Little Angel

Little Devil

Are you in love?!?!?! 

We always love to hear feedback- which are your FAVES??


  1. Excellentay, the bridge is very cool and I love the lace rounds, oh the panels are pretty neat too

  2. All are gorgeous! If I had to pick a fav, I would say the bridge and the industrial corner!

  3. Love the bridge and the gorgeous frames!

  4. woooow :) so beautiful!!! so sweet !!!