Monday, May 27, 2013

Marcasite Technique and some Tags too!

 Yea!! It’s the 27th day of the month!  And, you know why I like that day of the month so much?  It’s because it’s my assigned day  to share with our inspiring and supportive Followers what I have been working on for BFS.  I am Joyce, and I hope I can inspire you to try out this Marcasite technique to use on some of your BFS chipboard pieces.  It is really quite effective on chipboard and renders a jewel like quality.  The technique is easy to apply, and I’ve created two different pieces to share with you using the same technique.
Bargain Bin Journal featuring the Organic Vine Corner chipboard.

Close up of Marcasite Technique

 Here’s how I obtained the look of Marcasite on the chipboard above.

1)      Apply an acrylic gold metallic paint, or an metallic ink from a stamp pad, to your chipboard and let it dry.

2)      Visualize where you want to apply your Marcasite application to rest and apply either (a) a liquid pearl product, or (b) an application of glitter in small dots, or (c) add self-adhesive pearls or rhinestones on your pattern, and allow any wet product to dry thoroughly before continuing on to the next step.  I alternated an application of a liquid pearl product and a glitter dot on my first example.

3)      Use a small paint brush and dip it in a dark grey, black or vertigris colored mist and apply the mist with your paint brush all around your pearls/rhinestones/glitter dot design and set to dry.  Wipe up any excess mist that may get on to other areas of the chipboard that are not in alignment with your Marcasite design.  You may need to apply another coat for more drama because the acrylic metallic paint may produce a resistance.  If this happens, then try a watered down black acrylic paint on your paint brush instead of the colored mist.

4)      Once the mist or paint has dried, use a moistened  Q-tip to clean off the mist or paint on the pearls/rhinestones so that the radiance of the pearl/rhinestones show through.

5)      Then using your fingers, apply an ivory/gold metallic paste or paint around the edges of the Marcasite technique to bring back the radiance of the original gold metallic paint application.  This last application really shows up well in the door knocker chipboard tag featured below because there was more surface space available on that particular chipboard design.
The rest of the Organic Vine Corner  chipboard was spritz with other colors and metallic paint was applied as well.


An image transfer technique was used on the bargain bin journal cover and it produced a lovely worn and vintage fabric appeal.  It actually feels like fabric to.  The technique works well when using brightly colored pattern paper.  I’ve use the same technique on some of BFS gears and widget chipboard and it rendered really nice results.  You’ll see an additional example of the technique used on the chipboard on one of the tags below.  The Image Transfer technique will be posted on my personal blog this week.


Marcasite Technique

Embossing Technique

Image Transfer applied on first Widget
Here are pictures of the products I have used in this months project:

Organic Vine Corner

Ironwork Accents



I hope you give the marcasite technique a try too!



  1. WOWZER that is a gorgeous cover and tags! Love the soft colored background with the big red flowers. I love the technique, will have to try that one ;)Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Joyce - gorgeous creations ... I would love to play in the same craft space with you ... so totally inspirational!

  3. Totally scrummyliscious projects Joyce! have scrolled up and down many many times just to soak in the rich, opulent incredibly gorgeous details! would so love for you to to make a tut on how you apply all these fabulous steps. xoxoxox

  4. That is an awesome technique Joyce!!!! And the colors. the textures, the designs!! Wow... Loving it all!!Beautiful work!!