Friday, August 10, 2018

Sharon's August Layouts!

Hi everyone!  Welcome August!

Today is the day I have been looking forward to all month.  It's the time I get to share 3 new layouts with all of you!  My pages for the month of August all have a family theme  - I want to honor and preserve my family photos and share with you how wonderful (and easy!) it is to make layouts that mean something to you!

So without further ado, here they are:

Layout #1:  Life is Full of Surprises

I used a photo that I took of my daughter, Anne, in 2012.  She loves to ride her bike,  and on this particular afternoon, she got on her bike while she was still in her dress that the wore to church.  I have hidden journaling about this tucked under the photo.

For this layout, I used the gorgeous "Tattered Walls" collection.  I really love all of the beautiful paper in this collection.  This particular paper is entitled "The Sun Room."  

Here is a close up:

As you can see, I stamped and embossed directly on the edges of my page to bring your eye directly to the photo.  I also embossed my chipboard with Buttercup embossing powder.  You have to try Blue Fern Studios' embossing powder - it is a dream to use!!!

Here is another view:

Blue Fern Product List:
Paper: Tattered Walls "The Sun Room" 
Chipboard: Persian Ornament,  Blooming Curls, "Life is full of Surprises"
Stamp:  Grungy Grid
Embossing Powder: Buttercup, Celestial
Flowers: Wanderlust Vine, Fresh Florals
Seedlings: Lemonade
Glitter: Army Dust
Lace:  Lace 3B, Lace 10
Ephemera: Tattered Walls

Layout #2:  Fabulous

Here, I used a photo of my niece, Sarah, age 3, and my daughter Katie, age 8, taken for Mother's Day in 1997.  

This time, I used the beautiful and versatile "In the Mood" collection.  I love how the pinks and reds of the paper go perfectly with the pinks of Sarah's and Katie's dresses.  

To give you a better look, here is a close up:

And a different angel:

Blue Fern Product List:
Paper: In the Mood "Amused" and "Peaceful"
Chipboard: In the Mood printed chipboard, Opulence, Elegant Flourish, "Fabulous"
Embossing Powder: True Red, Black Sand
Flowers: Garden Blooms, Summer Blooms
Seedlings: Flaming
Glitter: Gilded Rose, Soot
Lace: Lace 1, Lace 10, Lace 12

Layout #3:  Our Family

This layout features the very gorgeous Tattered Walls collection.  The paper is entitled "The Carport."  (I have said this before, but I really love how each of these papers are named after a room!)  

For this layout, I featured photos of our immediate family that were taken for our Christmas photo this past year.  I especially loved using the small chipboard frames embossed in gold and the gold Lace 9C to emphasize and clearly define them.

Here are some close ups:

I stamped and embossed the edges of my paper with the "Night Sky" embossing powder.   I also embossed the chipboard "solar dangles" with Night Sky EP.  This EP is spectacular and goes perfectly with this patterned paper.

And a different view:

Blue Fern Product List:
Paper: Tattered Walls "The Carport" 
Chipboard: Briella's Mini Frames, Classic Mini Frames, Solar Dangles, A Spring Day, "Family"
Stamp: Distressed Titles
Embossing Powder: Night Sky, Goldenrod
Flowers: Remnants Blooms, Moody Florals
Seedlings: Pink Topaz
Glitter: Boysenberry
Lace: Lace 6, Lace 9C
Ephemera: Tattered Walls

It has been a pleasure sharing my August pages with you!  I love making layouts when I have Blue Fern products at my fingertips.  I hope you get a chance to make some scrapbook pages this month.  Happy Scrapping!

See you next month . . .

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