Saturday, March 26, 2016

March Projects  with Yuko

Hello!Friends!Yuko is here.

I introduce a layout using new work Courtship Lane collection 
and a layout using Serendipity collection today!

【Fairy Tale】

This Courtship Lane collection works for the feeling that purple has good!

It is a flower of this Courtship Lane collection which purple and a pink flower release from Blue Fern Studios 
As size is just right, it is easy to use it.

After the cardboard did emboss in Pearl
 I attached MYSTIC PLUM glitter here and there.
It is the color that this glitter is beautiful!

I painted title cardboard with the Opal white of the liquid pearl.

This Green used emboss powder (VERDANT).
This color is a calm good feeling, too.

<Blue Fern Studios Products>
Paper- Courtship Lane collection    Town Gossip/Calling Cards/Lover's Lane/Parkway
Chipboard - Story, Fairytale, Magic/Swan Gate/Whimsy Flourishes
Embossing Powder - Pearl/VERDANT

This uses Serendipity.
I made it with every possible bright feeling in this series.
Blue Fern Studios is apt to look elegant by all means.
But I made it so that such a casual photographs were put together
 as there was not only such a photograph which fitted elegantly.

This cardboard did emboss in emboss powder (Oatmeal).
Yellow-green of the leaves is also embossing powder (LIME).
Dark even in the same green-green, yellow-green, there are many variations.

The emboss powder of Oatmeal is an all-around player fitting elegantly casually!

<Blue Fern Studios Products>
Paper  Serendipity - Fascination/Calling Cards/ Imagination
Chipboard- Cute, Sweet, Sassy/Little Baskets/Butterfly Friends
Embossing Powder -oatmeal/LIME

Next is a work using the sketch of March.

This layout using Courtship Lane collection.

I added gradation to the cardboard of the title with emboss powder.

As for the light purple, LILAC, dark purple are IRIS. I covered it with some glitter DUTY ROSE from the top.

This ribbon cut a stamp and used it.

Stamp - Key To My Heart - Click Image to Close

I added DUSTY ROS glitter to paper.
Several colors such as white, silver, purple, light purple, pink are mixed and are very beautiful

<Blue Fern Studios Products>
Paper - Courtship Lane collection  Calling Cards/Bourbon Ave/Main Street
Chipboard-True Romance
Stamp-- Key To My Heart
Embossing Powder - LILAC/IRIS
 Glitter- DUTY ROSE

Thank you for looking!