Friday, March 4, 2016

Introducing the Courtship Lane Collection

Blue Fern Studios is excited to introduce our gorgeous new collection and we have so much to show you.  This is our biggest collection yet!  Come travel with us down Courtship Lane where you will see quaint cottages, a concert hall, ornate ironwork, and lots of gorgeous flowers along the way. 

Each double-sided page of this 10-sheet collection is perfectly detailed by designer Michele Singh, 
with a color palette that you will love for all your projects!

For the first time, we have two sets of flowers to coordinate with the collection!

Courtship Blooms

Courtship Roses

Chipboard: 4 designs created just for Courtship Lane

Embossing Powder: 6 new colors

Glitter: 5 new colors

Stamps: 4 new designs

The Courtship Lane collection is sure to take your projects to the next level with stunning paper and a lot of awesome products to go with it!