Sunday, February 14, 2016

Two mixed media layouts with video tutorial by Wilma Voermans

Today I present you the two layouts I made with the new Serendipity collection.
Newly I do not only scrap for keepsakes.
I love scrapbooking , but most of my familypictures are in project life albums. 
More pictures and more journaling, and it is my big fun to make my own cards.

But.....I still love scrapbooking on 9x12 and 12x12.
And I will still do familyphotos 
But when I see a beautiful picture somewhere online I just scrap it .
No more bad feelings that it is not a keepsake.
I keep them for myself  , after all it is a hobby..

Enough  talking , here is my first layout

I can tell you how and what I did, but if you want to know.....
Here is the start to finish video. Which will show you the whole process.
Chipboard used: Serendipity title and grid pieces .

I hope you have time and fun to watch .


The second layout is also made with the Serendipity collection.
The background paper is called merriment.
Normaly I work many hours on a layout.
Well...working is a big word :) 
But I think  add something, drink coffee, add something, etc etc.
This layout ;  I cant believe I did it.....was made in one hour!!
It was difficult, to just add without thinking and not go through my stash for hours.
But I saw the sun going away , and I really wanted to make a bright picture for this post.
I am not comfortable to rush, but today it just worked out.

For both layouts I used the Serendipity words as a title.
All the color you see is done with bright Japanese watercolor.
On the title aswell .

I used it because watercolor dryes quick .
The flourish is the organic vine.
I had fun with this new collection.
Thanks for visiting the blog.

x Wilma x


  1. Amazing!!!!! I know it's not that easy to create layouts, but i love the lightness Wilma is communicating with her videos and that is very inspiring. I feel encouraged to try myself....xoxo

  2. Wilma - your first layout is totally gorgeous and the video was awesome (and when you post your thoughts - many of them make me smile and/or laugh). Your second layout is amazing and beautiful - and is just perfect for the photo you selected. Your art is wonderful!

  3. They're awesome!!! The gothic lady made my day:) And the "distressed Marie Antoinette" .... och... romance with a sparkle:) thanks for tutorial:)

  4. Loved seeing the video. All the layering makes a HUGE difference! LOVE them both.

  5. Such an eclectic unique style! Love these!!