Friday, February 26, 2016

Blush ,Timeless,Serendipity collection layout Yuko

Hello!  Yuko here!
I made 3 works newly this month!
I use different collection for each.
Those collection is characteristic, and anything is very beautiful!

I use Blush collection!  I love This collection!!! 
  Particularly this paper is a favorite in that!

I used favorite emboss powder oatmeal for a title.

<Blue Fern Studios Products>
Paper   Blush collection   Calling Cards/Celebration/Cupid's Folly/ Reminisce
Chipboard  Cute, Sweet, Sassy/ Flourish Hearts
Embossing powder   oatmeal

I used serendepity collection for this work.
This series is very chic, and it is beautiful!

The chip board of the big heart has to paste the paper.

Balloon of chip board was also to paste the paper.
Small heart took advantage of the part that does not need a another chip board.
That was a good accent!

Chip board of the title will use the Sea Mist of embossing powder
It was sprinkled artsuger of Prima after applying a heater.

<Blue Fern Studios Products>
Paper Serendipity collection   Calling Cards/ Glee/Imagination/ Merriment
Chipboard  Cute, Sweet, Sassy/2 Hearts Set/Frilly Hearts/Mini Ring Things
Embossing powder   Sea Mist

The third of the work was to use the TIMELESS collection. 

It's really is cool I TIMELESS collection!
Cool finished in chic, can either girls elegant.
And have a first glance seems difficult, I thought it was very easy-to-use collection.

I used VERDANT of the emboss powder for the cardboard of the leaf.
It is different from sage which I introduced last time in this color again, and a gold color strongly appears when I expose a heater and dissolve it.

 I repeat black from emboss of the gold.

The title is CELESTIAL of the emboss powder.
It was the finish which the lam of various colors entered the black, and thought whether it was flamboyance more, but was unexpectedly blackish.

<Blue Fern Studios Products>
Paper TIMELESS collection   Calling Cards/Maconnerie/ Abode/Artistique
Chipboard  Classic Ornaments/Perfect, Adorable, Special

Thank you for looking!