Friday, June 7, 2013

Blue Fern in Classic and Modern Styles

Hello dear scrappy friends! 
Svetlana Austin here with my June projects. 
This post is my last one as a design team member for this amazing company. 
It was such a big honor for me to serve this term on the very first design team 
together with so many amazingly talented ladies. 
But I am surely not saying good bye to any of them or to all the pretty chipboard pieces from BFS. 
I will be more than happy to continue using it in my projects.
Now let's see what I have for you today.

My first projects is an altered vinyl record.
Here I used the gorgeous Floral Clock chipboard piece. 
It is no surprise that this beautiful design so quickly became very popular with so many of you.

To "dress up" the clock I painted it roughly with gesso leaving some areas raw. 
Then I stamped it lightly and rubbed some areas with blue liquid pearls. 

Blue Fern Studios products used for this project:

Floral Clock

My next project is a decorated wooden canvas with mixed media touches.
It is very bright and really happy looking. 
It is quite small in size - only 8'' by 8''.

Most of the time I start with a layer of gesso on my chipboard pieces. 
Here I added a little bit of yellow paint patches on the title word and the Damask Flourish, which I cut in two pieces. I also applied liquid pearls to the Damask Flourish for extra color and shimmer.

Blue Fern Studios products used for this project:

Damask Flourish
Damask Flourish (2)

Good Vibes

I will finish off with a layout in a completely different style.
I made a very bright and modern double pager using some little chipboard pieces from Widgets and Urban Acronyms packs.

Here you can see one of the layouts a bit closer.

Some of the chipboard pieces I painted with acrylic dubber paint and some I left raw.

Blue Fern Studios products used:

Good Vibes

Urban Acronyms

Widgetworks - Click Image to Close

And that is all from me. 
Thank you for letting me share with you my projects at Blue Fern Studios blog!
I hope you will keep on visiting me on my personal blog - Colorful Memories

Keep well, everyone! ♥


  1. Ооо!!! прекрасные, чудесные работы Светлана! очень понравилась первая! Разворот в альбом просто обалденный, столько деталек и все к месту!

  2. Ooooh Sveta! these are fabulous! how cool with the vinyl record, who would have thought of that?! not me! and the canvas, so beautiful! love your double-pager, so full of Sveta details! three different styles and all simply fabbo! xox

  3. Wow, they are all fantastic! The designs are simply irresistible and a must buy! You really have pure talent and passion in making those crafts. I hope that you will continue to be an inspiration to other bloggers and artists. Continue with your craft coz’ they definitely awesome and one of a kind!

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