Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beauty in the Garden

I am ever so grateful to Blue Fern for letting me play with such amazing chippies and for helping them launch their products all around the world.  With that, I picked a few of my favorite pieces to share with you.

This is a wall hanging I made pulling a few elements of nature together. 

I created some tags with some stamps and inks, but then I decided I did not want to leave them as tags.  That's when I opted to turn them into something more decorative.  I found the  Blue Fern chippies to be the perfect accent.

I used the Blue Fern Lattice Gate and coated it with gold embossing enamel. This is the perfect piece to tie my two tags together and create a garden feel.  

Lattice Gate #074950

You can see I also added some green eyelash trim for some vines in my garden.

 Spring Iris Small - 074912
Every garden needs flowers so I grabbed the Blue Fern small Spring Iris set. I painted them with acrylic paints.

Vintage Ballerina
The ballerina image is soft, feminine, and elegant.  My choice for chippie was really easy.... I grabbed the Blue Fern Frame.  In my opinion, this is such an elegant and delicate piece of chipboard, just exquisite.   

I kept it simple by painting it with a sandy cream acrylic, dabbed with white and inked the edges dark brown. 

Blue Fern Frame 074325

I embellished with my own jewelry chain and vintage metal piece. 

Here is a close up where you can get a better view of the inking and painting on the chipboard.  Chipboard doesn't  always need to have fussy complicated treatments and toppings.  Sometimes unpainted or neked - as I like to call it - is perfect.  A simple coat of paint.  Easy.  Inked edges?  Done. 

Thanks so much for stopping here today.  


  1. These are both so pretty Jen! love the green eye lash trim and the tags in the first one and the elegance of your second projects. xox

  2. Such beautiful inspiration!! Love each and very piece!!