Monday, April 30, 2018

April Layouts by Yuko

Hello!Frisends!I would like to introduce three new layouts today.
I used all different collections.

 It's quite a season but ...
Pictures of when I made a cupcake with my daughter at Valentine's Day
I thought that I used it all the time.

This paper (home supun collection) is really cute! ! !

The title is a favorite favorite BFS embossed powder ginger.
At first it is a brownish dark colored powder.
When turning on the heater, it turns into a beautiful gold instant.
I love this change and I often demonstrate in the class.

This is a part of the 12-inch size chipboard sheet of the same collection.

Originally the surroundings were yellow but it will float slightly in color
I cut around with scissors.
As this 12-inch chip board comes out for each collection
It is very easy to use!

<Blue Fern Studios>
Home spun   Calling Cards/Homemade/
Homespun Minis/ Hospitality

Home spun /Valentain

Embossing powder



This is a picture at a rape-blossom field.
The name of my daughter is associated with a rape blossom.

This cool parent color used for the title!
It is an embossed powder IRIDESCENT GREY.
It is not black, dark gray. Moreover, it entered lame.
It seems quite easy to use !

I also textured the background paper with modeling paste.

This stamp is also cool!
I stamped three places, but do you understand?
It matches too much with the pattern and how far it was originally printed
I do not know where I stamped!

This chip board is embossed with gold
Modeling paste with fingers at random.I colored after drying.

Whether the atmosphere will come out just by putting various colors
I feel like rust.

Honeycomb chipboard used for layout
I used it as an embellishment
because the one pulled out was also hexagonal and cute.
I put liquid pearl in the center. Looks like Bolt?

<Blue Fern Studios>
Wonderlust   Calling Cards/Seascape/Road Trip

Wonderlust/perfect/Banner Flags

Embossing powder
oatmeal/hotcocoa/IRIDESCENT GREY


【ALL you need is love】
My daughter entered elementary school this year!
It is a picture of Japanese traditions, cherry blossoms and school bags.

The middle race chipboard is
I processed it with IVOLY embossed powder.
I made it ivory because it was too floating in white.It is a nice color !

I imagined cherry blossom petals in the background
I made a pattern with modeling paste.

<Blue Fern Studios>
In the Mood   Pensive/Pensive/Attracted/Blissful

In the Mood /Mina's Border

Garden Blooms

Embossing powder


Swiss Dots

Thank you so much!!!

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