Thursday, March 2, 2017

March projects by Tartine Peluche

Hi Everyone!

Today it's my turn and I'm so excited to share with you my new projects.

For beginning, here is my first layout..
I used a paper from Chesterville collection.
I worked a lot on my background again, and I really love the result.

-It's your story-

The main chipboard is Rose Wreath which I cut into parts.
I embossed with the Snow embossing powder.

I wanted to give impression that the chipboard flowers were packed in fabrics.
I use coarse fabric jute. All the background is created from pearls and small rocks such as a packing full of jewelry. Just add some flowers harmoniously and the trick is played.

This chipboard is the rest of the Spirit of Heartland which I used last month on another layout. I simply embossed with Sand & Sea Embossing Powder after putting white gesso.
For this page I wanted to use white flowers, so I chose that of Heartland Blossom tissue.

Blue Fern Studios products I've used:
Chesterville - Whitford
Rose Wreath
- Rose Frame
- Spirit of Heartland
Imagine Ink Embossing Powder:
Sand & Sea
- Snow
Flowers:Heartland Blossom

For the second layout you can see my face, a page I made with everything I love.
This page is really me a condensed of my style. Hope you love it.

- Bonheur -

I started my layout with Generation from Attic Charms collection.
I created my background with Crackles Texture and Serendipity stamps. I put some texture paste and work with inks. A few small rocks and beads an a little bit of mika flakes and some bits of thread gave the result of my background ... and you know everything.

I chose the perfect flower, that of the collection Harvest Lilies.

For chipboard, I wanted a small frame to accompany that of paste fimo that I made.
The kit Sweet & Lucky was perfect to use as a frame; I used the '' Lucky ''. I started by coating it with white gesso and used a thermal powder ( heat & stick powder ) When heated to heat gun this powder becomes a super adherent for glitter. So for this one I put the powder and then Pyrite Glitters.
My Title comes from the French Words kit. I chose Bonheur ( Happiness ) because it reflected well the energy of the photo.

Blue Fern Studios products I've used:

Paper:Attic Charms - Generation
Chipboards:-Sweet & Lucky
- French Words
Imagine Ink Embossing Powder:
Imagine Ink Glitter:- Pyrite
- Crackles Texture
- Serendipity
Flowers:- Harvest Lilies


And the last one for this month, my lovely dream catcher.
I really love this layout I'm really proud of the result.

- Believing -

I used Preston from Chesterville paper collection.
Like the other pages I made mybackground in the same way.
Texture paste, paints, inks and small embellishments.
I used two chipboards to create my dream catcher. The Jeweled frame and the dream catcher.
I altered them separately and then tied them together with a rope.
For chipboard Dream Catcher I simply covered with black gesso and used a mauve and opalescent fushia paint. Then I added some beads and rhinestones. The other chipboard, the jeweled frame, I made it simpler. Just a little powder to emboss silver on the chain parts and opalescent gray paint.

I used the pink flowers of Courtship Lane Collection, Courtship Roses.

I added a last chipboard, one from the Spring Trinkets kit, I worked like the Dream Catcher, black gesso and purple opal paint and fushia.

Blue Fern Studios products I've used:
Paper:Chesterville - Preston
- Jeweled Frame
- Dream Catcher
- Spring Trinkets
- Scratched
- Courtshipe Roses


So there it is! Hope you like it.
Thank you for stopping by!
See you in April
Tartine xxx


  1. Wow- such gorgeous textured layouts- you are amazing! Can't wait to see what you do next!

  2. Tartine, what beautiful MM work! Am taking in all the lovely ways you have created this beautiful layout! Color, texture, dimension, heat embossing! I would say gorgeous "work", but it is obvious you had too much fun for it to be work!

  3. Wow!! Tartine, all of your layouts are pretty amazing, really pieces of art! But the Bonheur layout is beautiful, I think it is my favorite layout ever!!! I believe it's the first time I have seen your work, now I can't wait to see what you do next!!! Awesome work��! Do you have a blog?

  4. J'adore tes pages, particulièrement celle intitulée 'Bonheur'! J'adore la texture de tes fonds!!!

  5. So beautiful! I'm a beginner. What do you use to glue the beads and sequins?