Friday, August 26, 2016

Seaside Cottage Layout by Yuko

Hello!Friends!  Yuko is here!
Seaside Cottage collection of rumors now.
Really cute and irresistible !!!

As I was very pretty, I made it with these all 3 works collection!

And anything which is all the photograph (Shodoshima) of the trip became the much the same work,
 but by 1 work, please let me introduce as there are a theme and a concept in each for the time being!


This paper! !
It is very impressive and is wonderful.
I thought, "it is wonderful" to see what a lot used!

The photograph in the beach is 
good for  feeling in the summer& the sea.
In the summer! The place that is a vintage in some shabbynot a colorful pop
 though it is  feeling seems to be BFS.

To feel rusty also anchor to fit the vintage image
It was processed with embossing powder and glitter.

The title was to have a profound feeling and embossed with GINGER.
It put the glitter over to the lower half.

Blue Circle is stamp attached to the lid of the round cap the glue
It was sprinkled with glitter over it.
And be sparkling circle is beautiful!

It was stamped(Essential Textures) with ink of white.

Flower is Seaside Lilies

It's very nice Toka dark blue of Lilly.

<paper>     Seaside Cottage - Calling Cards/Mermaid/Whitewash/Gala

<chipbord>  Island Time/Seaside Flourish/

<flower>  Seaside Lilies/Attic Charm Glitter Roses
<embossing powder>  OATMEAL/GINGER
<stamp> Essential Textures 

【Summer Vacation】
Here I made to be the Cute image incorporating pink.
I used also my favorite mint green and light blue!

As for the cardboard of the shell, the OATMEAL 
starfish posted CARIBBEAN glitter.

his chip board, cute !!!
It was divided into fine coating with an embossing powder.

Title was also embossed using a two-color my favorite(BREEZE&SEAMIST)
It is sparkling with the glitter is up and down!

<paper>     Seaside Cottage - Calling Cards/Mermaid/Whitewash/Gala
<chipbord>  Island Time/Seaside Flourish
<flower>  Seaside Lilies
<embossing powder>  OATMEAL/BREEZE/SEA MIST/14KARAT

【a perfect day】
Here we made to be a little casual feel.
The original is elegant BFS, but it is cute even closer to the little casual.

The Mermaid of chip board was really cute!
Also the size is just a good feeling.
This was also processed with an embossing.

After processing in the embossing powder 
I put the glitter.
Upper body OATMEAL, hair put the glitter of BLUE ICE

The title I was was originally The end of a perfect day
It was only to a perfect day to cut the first half.

<paper>     Seaside Cottage - Calling Cards/Gala/Whitewash/Mermaid/Splendor
<chipbord>  Ocean Mermaid/Perfect Day
<flower>  Seaside Lilies/Courtship Roses
<embossing powder>  OATMEAL/BREEZE/SEA MIST/14karat/FERN

Really I used a lot embossing powder.
I wonder if I was using so embossing powder 
if  I did not do DT of BFS?
I think much now and is obsessed with embossing powder!
The get so used a variety of colors to do this is really happy !
As it can be told this charm even a little
I would like to use more and more work!

Thank you!


  1. Such a great layout. I can almost smell the salty air!

  2. WoW WoW WoW,
    Wat een prachtige lay-outs heb jij gemaakt!!
    De embossing poeder die je gebruikt hebt is fantastisch!!
    Zou graag willen weten of de kit te bestellen is of de mooie embossing poeders.
    Mvg Gina Belgium