Friday, September 25, 2015

Mixed media and some chipboard doodling.

                               Hi, Wilma here today with three layouts...I hope you enjoy my post.

                                          Today I used three pictures I really wanted to use.
                     A lot of people think they have to bring the picture perfect photos on their layouts.
                                                      But should we do that all the time?
                         For me it is not that important,the picture just has to give me that special feeling

     On this first layout my son and his girlfriend made a photoshoot in one of those ready to go boxes.
                             And I love this photo. It is real , fun, crazy and full of life.
                                                                 And so are they....
              I started with a background paper from the Autumn Anthology collection: cottage
                       As I love the vintage written print to show through my mediums.
                             I leave some parts to show through as if they were stamped.

              Behind my pictures I used the balcony paper, I love those month prints in vintage style!

For my chipboard I used the rockwall bits ( I had some leftovers from it) and the techno scape.

Both dabbed with Lumiere metallic paints and Viva gold rub.
The background color is done by mixing two of the new mist colors form Blue Fern Studios.
They gave me that beautiful turqoise green.

My second layout, all Autumn Anthology collection :

I would like to show you two versions , I could not really decide which one I like more.
First my layout looked clean without a lot of medium.

On the background I stenciled some roses , 
and after drying I painted them with two of the new colors mist : Persimonn and leaf 
After it was dry I touched it with the glitterpen.

I liked the page, but it was not me somehow :) .
And after some mixed media fun it came out like this , for me it worked better :) 

As my background paper I used the Balcony paper from the collection.
My chipboard piece is also a new release from Autumn Anthology: 

As you see I cut it in three pieces to spread around my layout..
The little birdy on the photo was cut of the papername strip.

My third layout is in a style I use most when I do scrapbookpages for myself.
Nothing overdone a little from this and a little from that.
And always there is chipboard involved in some way.

I had this picture for some time in mind to do a artjournalpage.
But when I had the Circruitry chipboard on hand , 
I wanted to use it with this photo on a layout.
Just for fun.

First I sprayed my chipboard with gesso, the quickest way , fast drying time.

Than some doodling, very random.

I was going for a tight look, so I used spraypaint on my chipboard titel .

Thank you for watching my post, have a great weekend!
x Wilma x