Saturday, September 26, 2015

autumn Anthology layouts with Yuko

Hello!It's Yuko here!
I was pleased very much at the moment when I had "autumn Anthology " in my hand!
There are very beautiful!!!

I made 2 layouts Very fun!

I often take a picture together with my daughter.

That's a very important memory.

After painted gesso for this chip board, we put a partially lame.

A stamp of brick used this.
Stamp: Essential Textures - Click Image to Close

Repeatedly to cut out a lot of paper.

Banner is a stamp that was released this time.
It is very easy to use even feel the right size!



<Autumn Anthology>
Balcony/Calling Cards/Perfumeries/Mercantile
<stamps> Flight&Flair
<chipboard>   Ironwork Edges/Story, Fairy tale, Magic/Mesh Bits

We went to grape picking the other day.
It was very fun!

Clip Frames - Click Image to Close
Various size sets the cardboard of this frame and seem to play an active part again from now on.

There so many beautiful patterns in the paper.
It is to be fun to cut.

<Autumn Anthology>
Gazebo/CallingCards/Perfumeris/ Newsworthy/Penmanship
<chipboard> Clip Frames
<mists> Leaf
The Christmas line was announced the other day, too!
It is very wonderful, and that is a pleasure now, too❤

Thank you!

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