Friday, June 26, 2015

Yuko's June projects.

There are  Blue Fern Studios  DT projects for June.

I made 3 works this month with DéjàVu line.

<Paper>~Love story~ The Grand Ball  Déjà Vu~Luminaries・Petites Cartes
<Chipboard> Ornate shelf・memory frame ・Chermed Page Dangles・Page Chains

It is former collection "love story" to have used as a mount,
 but is just new discovery with " DéjàVu"collection!

I like combination of this purple x yellow.

A part in Chaemed and a part of a chain are a different chipboard.
It's connected and used.

This large chip board (Ornate shelf) was also easy to use surprising.
Although large chip board will get a little hesitant to buy
When it's used, there is an existence sense as expected, and it's nice!

【moment IN TIME】
<Paper>~Déjà Vu~  Atelier・Luminaries・Petites Cartes
<Chipboard>Jane's Screen Door・Rose Bouquet

I made use of a patterned paper  of very pretty pink  and made it with a pretty atmosphere.

This chipboard (rose bouquet) will be gorgeous and be the good accent.
After I didn't distinguish by using different colors small this time and applied the whole in white by JESSO.
White with lame was applied shimmerz and butter cream was given a ride at random.
It'll be the feeling that an expression may go out more than snow white.

 【sweet heart】
<Paper>~Déjà Vu~  Atelier・Luminaries・Petites Cartes・FriperiesTresors
<Chioboard>Iron Railing・Lovebirds set   

This was made with a picture of the rose garden performed the other day.
Was really beautiful flowers is full !

A chipboard of this barrier (Iron Railing) was colored with shimmerz and liquid Pearl was put on a point.

The Déjà Vu line you do not get tired of some made even !
Really is a favorite! !
The purple that not only it is sweetbut also is slightly chic is good!

Thank you!