Friday, April 24, 2015

Playing with darks and lights - by Zanka.

Hello friends!
I must say, I prefer to use light background for my layout rather than the dark ones. But the pattern of Bountiful (Sanctuary) is so elegant, that I just HAD TO give it a go.
So here is my layout with the dark background.

I have used quite a lot of light elements for more contrast, I've even drawn leaves and branches with the white ink pen.
BFS chipboards used: Laughter, Happy , Smile; Turkish bits, Meadow Angelica, Lace rounds.

With my second layout shared today, I'm back into my comfort zone, meaning light backgrounds :)
I used the new Deja vu collection, patterned paper and stamps.

I have used paper Tresors for this project. I have cut the paper in one-third and then glued it together again, arranging the border pattern in the middle (I learned this trick from Elena, who showed it in her tutorial here)
I have used the chipboards mainly to add dimension and texture.
BFS chipboards used: XOXO, Vintage labels, Gatsby collage.
Stamps: Halftone, Vintage edges.

Thanks for visiting BFS blog, enjoy !
Zaneta aka Zanka


  1. Love both!!! Great job with the dark background !

  2. Simply stunning layouts, even outside your comfort zone you make such beautiful pages.

  3. Gorgeous layouts! You indicated the first was out of your comfort zone, but what a beautiful layout it is!!