Friday, October 17, 2014

Blue Fern Welcomes a New Product Designer!

We are so excited to add a new product designer to our team at Blue Fern Studios.  Join us in welcoming the very creative Glenda Schoepp-Drake!  She brings a whole new style to Blue Fern that she describes as "industrial".  You will see some of her new designs popping up in the very near future.

I will now turn it over to Glenda (don't you just love that name!) so she can tell you a little bit about herself:

I am a little bit quirky, this is how my boss has described me, and let me tell you, people do not think quirky is a good thing till about high school.  Growing up a quirky, chubby, artsy girl is like walking around with a bulls-eye on your back, then one day poof everything that made me weird now makes me unique.  Thanks to scrapping i have met some of the most wonderful people, who are all a little bit quirky.

I live in Canada, northern Alberta to be exact and it is cold, like 7 months of winter cold, minus 40 Celsius cold!  My husband Bernie is all about winter, in fact has 8 snowmobiles, i hate winter so that's a lot of scrapbooking months.  I started scrapbooking when i had my son Alex seven years ago and fell in love with both my son  and scrapbooking.  I have always been artsy and I finally found an outlet that worked for me and my life.

My scrapbook style is industrial and I LOVE anything steampunk, chipboard and stencils are my favorite scrapbook accessories.  It has been a dream of my to design scrapbook products and I am so excited to be working with Blue Fern Studios  and seeing my designs and ideas come to life.  I would like to thank Leslie and crew for welcoming me to the team and I look forward to creating together.

We are so thrilled to have you, Glenda!  You will be a great asset to our team.


  1. So glad to have you, Glenda! And I'm squealling about the industrial elements!!! Welcome to the team.

  2. Dear Glenda, all the best for your creativity with this great team! I'm looking forward to your works. Love from Germany! Lilli

  3. Welcome Glenda! I can't wait to see what you create! :)

  4. Glenda, so excited to have you joining us! And wow, that is a long hard winter each year. :)

  5. So happy to have you here! Cant wait to see your designs!

  6. I have seen your projects in person, you are going to be amazing at this! Been a pleasure getting to know Scrapping and all the best to you in this new adventure!