Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Creations with Patter

Hi! It's Patter jumping in a little earlier this month. I thought I would share two cards that you could easily create and use as thank you cards or whatever occasion you need after the Christmas holiday. You will need the Blue Fern Studios Shabby Layered Frame chipboard, Gabrielle Butterfly Set, and the Graduated Circles. Let's get started!

For my first creation, I wanted to use the Shabby Layered Frame. This frame measures 4 1/2" x 5" so it was perfect to use for a card frame. I cut my card base and then got to work on dressing up the frame. I started with a layer of gesso on the frame, and then I used some white DazzelerZ. Once that was all dry, I used a sponge to add touches of gold paint on the frame randomly. Here is how it turned out:
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Blue Fern Studios chipboard used: Shabby Layered Frame

I used a "hello" sentiment but that could easily be changed to any sentiment you would like to use.

Made for You
For my next card, I used two pieces of Blue Fern Studios chipboard. The first is the center from the Graduated Circles set. I used the lightest color of distress ink to color it. I wanted it to match the woodgrain color in the patterned paper I used. It looks like I left the chipboard raw but there was a slight color change when adding the ink. It turned out to be just the color I wanted.
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And for the Gabrielle Butterfly, I covered it in gesso first. Once it was dry, I added two layers of DazzelerZ. I let the first layer dry before adding the second layer since the butterfly is so delicate. It helped to build up the paint a bit by allowing it to dry between layers on this delicate piece.
Blue Fern Studios chipboard used: Gabrielle Butterfly Set, Graduated Circles

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you got some useful ideas to try on your Blue Fern Studios chipboard. Have a Merry Christmas!


  1. these are adorable, love that frame and all your details. x

  2. I love it, Patter. All of it is great, but being a butterfly fan the butterfly is incredible.