Thursday, April 25, 2013

Three projects with Irina Gerschuk

Hi ladies!
It's Irina with you today and I'm really excited to share my new projects!
My first project is a LO "Blooming Beauty" about my little sister. It tells a short "family story" about our walk in the woods one hot summer day:
And let me show you some close-ups:
I covered the title "Blooming Beauty" with two different colors of paints then added a layer of crackle accent and after all covered it spontaneously with microbeads:
Here is one more closer look at the title, and under the rose is a piece from the Ornate Medallions set:
Well, here are three different pieces of BFS: Symphony border (also painted with different colors and than added microbeads), Evening Lamp Post (I covered it with white embossing powder) and parts from the Garden Window (again painted with different paints and after it added a layer of glance lacquer):
 The same window but from the other angle (just want to show you all the painting and volume here))):
And here are the pieces of BFS that I've used in the LO:
Garden Window (Model: 074691):
Garden Window
Symphony Border (Model: 074530):
Symphony Border
Evening Lamp Post (Model: 074660):
Evening Lamp Post
Ornate Medallions (Model: 074462):
Ornate Medallions
Blooming Beauty (Model: 074554):
Blooming Beauty
My next project is a birthday card. I used the Calligraphic Border and Damask Flourish in it:
Some close-ups:
The Damask Flourish I covered with two different kinds of paints (choosing colors that match the palette of the card) and than added a thick layer of crackle accent:
 I added a flower composition on top of it to achieve more volume and details here:
 And here is one of my favorite pieces of BFS - the Calligraphic Border. As to me it's stylish, elegant and so universal that can match almost very work))) I covered it with white embossing powder:
And here are the pieces I've used:
Damask Flourish (Model: 074868):
Damask Flourish (2)
Calligraphic Border (Model: 074363):
Calligraphic Border
My last project for today is a soft handmade notebook made from stitch:
I've used a piece from the Double-Dutch Flourish Set here:
 Covered the chipboard with lavender paint and than with white crackle paint:

And here is the BFS piece by itself:
Double-Dutch Flourish Set (Model: 074431):
Double-Dutch Flourish Set
That's all for today!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. какая волшебная страничка! не возможно глаз оторвать!

  2. Потрясающие работы!!! Восторг!!! Можно разглядывать бесконечно!

  3. Какое же все красивое, яркое и жизнерадостное! =))

  4. Превосходно!!! Чудесные работы!!!

  5. I love the layering and the details on these projects! Beautiful!!

  6. Очень красивые работы!!! А страничка, слов нет какая красота, а сколько деталек, так и хочется все потрогать. класс!!!!

  7. thanks you for the blog hop ! I'm a new follower :-)

  8. Great projects and such a fantastic prize!

  9. Irin, I'm your big fan) Super, wonderfull projects. Like it very much

  10. Ирина, шикарные работы!

  11. Gorgeous projects! I am loving the layouts....very special!

  12. Все работы просто загляденье! Такая красота!!!

  13. Ир, ты гений!!! в живую бы разглядеть и пощупать, красота!!!

  14. Сплошное великолепие!

  15. красивенные какие работы!!!!!!!

  16. Goodness Irina! I've been scrolling up and down over and over again to soak in all the gorgeous details! Love the soft colours, the exquisite details and the romantic feel to all of your projects. These are truly amazing!! xoxo