Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chipboard Tutorial; Canvas; and a Matchbox Mini Sewing Kit

Hello everyone, Joyce here again, and I'm going to share with you a quick and easy tutorial that you can use on any of your chipboard pieces:

Canvas made with the Blue Fern Studios petite boutique frame, using the same technique posted above on the Regal Ornaments.  I posted a quick and easy tutorial for the canvas background on my blog if you'd like to try it and the tutorial above using some Blue Fern Studios chipboard:

On the Iron Works piece below, simply apply white crackle paint, mist, and apply some drywall tape over the piece and highlight the textures squares with some rub-on  metallic paste.

Matchbox Mini Sewing Kit.  I took a part a medium sized matchbox to use as a pattern and created this little sewing kit using the Miss Taylor chipboard pieces.  Simply rub-on some metallic paste on the scissors but don't cover up the entire chipboard piece and then lightly mist a color of your choice on the entire chipboard piece. Easy, right?

Let us know if you try out the tutorial on your Blue Fern Studio chipboard pieces so that we may visit you and see what you created too. 


  1. Beautiful, the chipboard lookes amazing!

  2. Joyce, thanks so much for the tutorial. It's an awesome look.

  3. Oh Joyce, you are so darn gifted. I love your style and your talent for detail and subtle color

  4. Oh my these are absolutely fantastic!! Amazing textures! Chiming in with Jen, you certainly are super super gifted!! xoxo

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