Friday, March 9, 2018

Sharon's March Pages!

Hi Everyone!

It's so nice to be here again today!  I am excited to share 3 layouts that I made for March.  ♥

Without further ado, here are my projects . . .

Layout #1:  Memories. . .

Featuring Homespun:

I have been going through old photos and attempting to organize them.  In the process, I have found beloved pictures that I want to scrap!  This one is of my oldest daughter, Katie, and is a definite favorite of mine.  I loved telling her, through this scrapbook page, to keep her beautiful inner light shining!

I used the beautiful "Homemade" paper from the Blue Fern Studios Homespun Collection and mounted it on the Wanderlust "Road Trip" paper because I loved the newspaper look.  And I had an amazing time framing the photo with the beautiful swirly chipboard that I embossed with Goldenrod embossing powder.  

Here are some close ups:

Here's my Blue Fern Product List:
Paper: Homespun "Homemade," backed with Wanderlust "Road Trip"
Chipboard: Ornate Wreath, In the Mood Printed Chipboard Shapes, Homespun Printed Chipboard Shapes
Embossing Powder: Goldenrod
Flowers: Happy Roses
Seedlings: Twig
Lace:  Ivory braided trim

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Layout #2:  Best Friends . . .

Featuring In the Mood:

Again, as I went through my photos, I found an old one that I absolutely love.  It is one of my twin sister and me when we were toddlers.  Just look at those hair cuts!!  I love the way we were holding hands.

For this page I used "In the Mood" papers, flowers and printed chipboard!  I also used Shabby Brick Bits chipboard that I embossed and spruced up with some ink.

Here are some close ups for you to see:

And here is my Blue Fern Product List:
Paper: In the Mood "Peaceful;" backed with In the Mood "Ecstatic"
Chipboard: Shabby Brick Bits, In the Mood Printed Chipboard Shapes,
Embossing Powder: Black Sand, Baby Pink
Flowers: Moody Florals, Remnants Blooms
Seedlings: Mauve
Lace:  Lace 11

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Layout #3: Family is a Circle of Love . . .

Featuring Amber & Apricot:

For my third and final layout, I used a recent photo that I took of my family with my tripod and timer at a nearby park!  We love this park and go for walks there all the time.  This photo was also used for our annual Christmas card.

I featured the amazing Amber and Apricot Collection here - it's so beautiful and a dream to work with.  Lace 9C is absolutely beautiful, too!

Here are some close ups so you can get a better look:

My Blue Fern Product List:
Paper: Amber & Apricot "Birdsong" and "Busy Bees"
Chipboard: Wicker Wreath,  Amber & Apricot Printed Chipboard Shapes
Embossing Powder: Antique Gold, Garnet, Ivory
Flowers: Moody Florals, Remnants Blooms
Glitter: Cranberry
Seedlings: Harvest
Lace:  Lace 9C

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

I hope I was able to inspire you to scrap some of your treasured photos!  I find that using the Blue Fern Studios paper collections and products makes scrapping so easy and fun.

Thanks so much for your visit!  I am looking forward to seeing you again next month. ♥

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Layouts & Vision Board by France Ringuette

Hi bloggers, I can't believe that it's March already. Time is flying but, but I am enjoying crafting for the Blue Fern Studios Design team. This month, I'll be sharing 2 layouts and 1 off the page project. 

Capture the Moment Layout #1

The starting point for this layout was this beautiful picture of my 2 sons and I taken during our Riviera Maya vacation last summer. I wanted to extend on my layout the colors of my picture, so a blue background with a sandy beach.

I chose the beige background from In the Mood - Flirty paper. Once covered with Gesso, I layed my foundation of ink on the top half.

I wanted to have multi tones on my chipboard to give it more dimension. I opted to cover my clock and rectangle pieces in Ginger, Black & Gold and finally a touch of Oatmeal embossing powders.

The bottom of the layout, in order to create a beach feel effect I worked with cheese cloth and wool fibers that I glued with gel medium. Then I added touches of small stones and 4 colors of seedlings: Paprika, Twig, Gold Nugget & Glass.

Once my background was complete, I chose to build my layers. For my title, I chose to use 14 Karat embossing powder. I love the glitter it adds to the layout.

This last picture shows the beautiful Blue Fern flowers, more details on the embossed chipboard & seedlings. I also included Rose Gold glitter but it's impossible to capture the glitter on my picture.

Blue Fern Studios product used on this layout:

Paper Collection: In the Mood Flirty & Pensive

Gold Nugget

Embossing Powders:
Black & Gold
14 Karat

Glitter: Rose Gold

Flowers :
Chesterville blooms
Homespun blooms
Heartland blossoms


Formidable layout # 2

Time for another magnificent picture of my gorgeous niece with her family. I just love the vibrancy of the red in the picture and chose to use that for my highlights.

 Remnants Westfield is my chosen paper for this layout.

I had fun playing with different techniques on this layout. The first step was to emboss different sections with the Green Ivory Embossing Powder.  I used 2 stamps to emboss on my background paper: Weathered Doily & Honeycomb.

I chose to alter the circle chipboard with black gesso, and some waxes to give them an antique look & feel.

I love adding the small sentiments from the Remnants printed chipboard set.

Can you see the top of my tags? I like making my own tags, they make wonderful ornaments for my layering. Here is used leftovers of my Remnants collection. 

I wanted to add some shine to my flowers, so I added touches of white & gold glitter

Blue Fern Studios product used on this layout:

Paper Collection: Remnants Westfield

Embossing Powder: Green Ivory

Glitter: White & Gold

Weathered Doily

French adjectives
techno Rings
Printed Remnants


Off the page project: Vision Board 2018

Have you ever made a vision board? This year at work, I hosted a team event where we I invited our team members to create their combined work & personal vision board for 2018.

The goal of a vision board is that if you see you goals on a daily level... you set-up you mind to making them happen.

To set-up my board I used many elements from my Blue Fern collection.

The first step was making my chipboard world map. I wanted it to pop out so I chose Blue Sky embossing powder:

Second elements where to use my gorgeous Blue Fern stamp sets. I love the words Family and Hopes & Dreams. I found them perfect for the family section of my board.

To create sections, I chose to use the frames in the Homespun printed chipboard set:

Here we can see a printed frame and the word Journey, both from my stamp stash.

And lastly, more of the Homespun printed chipboard elements. They are just adorable.

Disclaimer: I did pull off the internet and Pinterest some quotes that I found to complete the vision board. 

Blue Fern Studios product used on this layout:

Embossing Powder: Blue Sky

Hopes & Dreams
Distressed Titles
Floral Vignettes

Printed Homespun

I hope you enjoyed my 3 projects for March and I wish you an amazing crafty month !

Friday, March 2, 2018

Romantic and colorful by Tartine Peluche

Hello everybody!
I'm back to share with you some new inspirations.
This month, two layouts of  '' In The Mood '' and one of  ''Chesterville'' ...

My first one is :

*Lifetime Dream*
( In The Mood, Pensive )

For those who know me, know that I like to create or modified flowers.
I have almost the same tools as the florist...
For this layout I had fun with the Moody Florals.
The first on the top is simply heated with heat gun, as is, then I added a bling as a center.
The others are only one layer of petal folded on itself.

The butterflies are embossed with Pixie Dust. The cercle ring embossed with Ivory, then I added a bit of pink pearl ink to contrast. The first layer of  chipboard flowers is embossed with a mixt of Baby Pik and Pixie Dust, and the other one embossed in snow and over heated with heat gun and ink too.

On my heart Gold Nugget seedlings.
n the center of Attic Charm Daisies flower, mix of two shades of pink: Tickled, Pink Glass and Gold Nugget too. Under the flower a piece of  Lace 12, ripped.

'' Dreamy '' is the title of one paper of the In the Mood Collection, I cut the word
on the paper and I scratched it.
'' Simply because ... '' comes from the printed chipboard sheet. I used another piece at the top of my page,  ''In The Mood ''

Butterflies in Pink Dust embossing powder and my Title ...
I did a test, not very conclusive, still pretty but not perfect ... I mixed two embossing powders, added to my chipboard with versamark and I heat it ...

Blue Fern Studios pruducts used:

Printed In The Mood
Embossing Powder:
Pixie Dust
Rose Gold
Attic Charm Daisies
Moody Floral
Late Winter Lilies ( Pink )
Harvest Lilies ( yellow )
Tattered Newsprint
Pink Glass
Gold Nugget
Lace 4
Lace 12


My next one:

( In The Mood, Peaceful )

This paper it's really my favorite of the collection In The Mood,
I wanted to work it very romantic and especially in soft color.
So I choose to bring out the peach of the paper.
 For that, I used some die cut embossed with the embossing powder Copper. This color perfectly match with peach shades of the paper.
I could have used the flowers from the Chesterville Blooms collection, they were perfect but did not match the sweet ambiance I wanted to give. So I used the Late Winter Lilies in white.
I put Glass seedlings in my flowers, much like a flowing river
they follow a path to the bottom of my layout.

The Life round chipboard come from Garden Life Printed Chipboard, under this one another round chipboard Remnants Chipboard Printed.

With this last one picture, we can see all the shine of the embossing powder Copper and some pieces of Lace 12, that I ripped and placed under my flowers.


Blue Fern Studios products used:
Garden life printed chipboards
Remnants printed chipboards
Embossing Powder:
Late Winter Lilies ( White )
Tattered Newsprint
Lace 12


And finally the last one:

*Love This*
( Chesterville, Holmes )

Zoom on the Wanderlust Lilies Flowers

The flower chipboard is embossed with Starry Night.
The chipboard Panel is embossed with Summer Breeze.

I used lot of seedlings on this layout. I mixed two shades of green. Fir Tree and Green Leaf.


Blue Fern Studios products used:
Embossing Powder:
Starry Night
Summer Breeze
Wanderlust Lilies
Tattered Newsprint
Fir Tree
Green Leaf


Thanks for stopping by !
I hope I've inspired you.
I'll see you next month with another inspirations...
Hugs, Tartine xoxo