Thursday, December 8, 2016

3 layout with Yuko

Hello! It is Yuko.

Because I did not make it in time for my posting date in November
Posted on December 8.

The paper of Christmas that arrived was prettier than expected!
I made a canvas and 12 inches layout at once!


I made it with an A4 size canvas.
After applying Gesso to the base, color it with mist
Textured with modeling paste.

ICECLE embossed powder on snowflake chipboard.
This color is white with silver lame and is perfect for the coming season.

The title was unintentionally uneven on purpose as it would be a little antique feeling.
The white part was painted with Gesso and from there the ANTIQUEGOLD was put on a sparse and heated.
It became unevenness of nice feeling

Snow of fluffy is piled up .

In addition to Gesso, mist, acrylic paint, stickles, stone, glass beads etc
I have a look on it.

< Blue fern Studios >
Paper-Vintage Christmas - Wonderland/Greeting Cards
Chipboard -  Winter Flakes/Large Flake
Mist- Winter Mint
Embossing powder - ANTIQUE GOLD/ICECLE

【IT'S A holly jolly CHRISTMAS】
I also used the paper of this frame last year. 
It is really a favorite!
Just by using this paper as a backing sheet you will already be cute!

The red flower is a thing of this series.
Red flowers are indispensable for Christmas.
The white flower is also in the same series, but I took the flower core and put the grain of the gold.

In the background, I imagined the snow falling down 
and attached a pattern with a dot stencil.

The title was embossed with 14 KARAT.
This embossing is also very sparkling and very beautiful !

< Blue fern Studios >
Paper-Vintage Christmas -Magical /Greeting Cards/Holiday Cards/Jolly
chipboard -  Holly Jolly Christmas
Flower-Soft Blossoms/Christmas Blooms

The third one was made in the autumn series "memories" of the previous work.

【An AUTUMN Story】
This series is nice with a chic hue feeling like autumn. 

I decomposed the leaf chipboard and divided it into leaves and branches.
The blades were painted with textures and lamels.

I put modeling paste in the branch part and added a texture
 like tree to make it a dead tree style.

I painted the background texture with modeling paste mixed with paint.

< Blue fern Studios >
Memoires - Songbird's Drama/Chronicles/Calling Cards
chipboard - An Autumn Story/Natural Sprigs Set
Flower-Memoires Blooms

Thank you!

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