Wednesday, October 26, 2016

MEMORIES collection by Yuko

Hello! Yuko here!
I use the MEMORIES collection of this new release(They are very beautiful)
I made 3layouts!
It is slightly chic and is a beautiful line of the autumnal scenery.

I have done this wonderful paper for Halloween makeup 
while saying wonderful ... like the autumn!
... that originally I like a Halloween layout! LOL!

 Only an orange, yellow, brown, a little colored it with red in a mist 
and a solid picture in watercolors in the background.

Cute chip board of this pumpkin!
Outline was embossed with HONEY · CHIRIPOWDER · VERDANT.

The title is a new color of embossing powder Black Sand.
That is a very interesting color, 
such as mix of black sand as calm gold of the name.

Press the texture stamp in the background.

<Blue Fern Studios>
Paper : Memories    Calling Cards/Grand Sequel/Chronicles/Remember When
Chipbords:Pretty Pumpkins/Hallowenn
Flower : Late Winter Lilies
Embossingpowder:Black Sand/HONEY/CHIRIPOWDER/VERDANT
Stamp:Crackle Textures

Very impressive beige and blue, such as hoarse.

Title was embossed in AUBURN.

I put the pattern of the race in the silk screen in the background.

This cardboard is the processing method of the favorite, an emboss powder polychromatic errand!
At first emboss did the whole in OATMEAL and used AUBURN/NUTMEG/MASHROOM from the top.

Stamp - Vintage Phrases - Click Image to Close

<Blue Fern Studios>
Paper:Memories Photographic Record/Calling Cards/Remember       
                       When/Autumn Biography
Chipbord:SWEET ON YOU/
Flower:Harvest Lilies

Stamp:Vintage Phrases

An Autumn Story
The third work was summarized ish chic shades autumn.

The cardboard of this frame is very gorgeous!
I sprinkled only slightly light blue BREEZE on ANTIQUE GOLD/NUTMEG/OATMEL this time.

The title is the gradient using a two-color 14karat / TANGERINE.
Made with embossing powder gradation title
Even texture and lame is recommended because it is a plus!

<Blue Fern Studios>
Paper   Memores  Songbird's Drama/Calling Cards/Nature's 
                          Novel/ Chronicles/Tale of Treasures
                        Chipborad:An Autumn Story/Memoires Frame/Vintage Keys
Flower:Late Winter Lilies
Stamp: Grungy Grid

Thank you!