Thursday, July 7, 2016

Three layouts, three collections by Marie-Eve Bernard


I hope you enjoy summer and spending time outside with your family and friends....but also have some time to be creative!  There is some inspiration for you!  I play with three different collections of papers.


This layout feature my parents and my oldest daughter.  She is  so happy when they are around!  We have the chance to have them near, so we often have some quality time with them! To create this layout, I use the Tranquility and the Attic charm paper collections.

For my background, I use the Serenity paper from the Tranquility Collection.  Then I randomly cut the Stillness paper (Tranquility collection) and the Calling cards paper (Attic Charm Collection). I glue those pieces on the background paper to had texture.  Then, I cover the hole thing with clear gesso and had some white gesso randomly.  When dry, I had some stamping with the Serenity Medley Stamp set and the Arcadia Texture stamp set.  Finally, I play with my inks.

For my title, I use the Blissful, Jubilation, Patience chipboard set.  I emboss it with the Imagine Ink Cotton Candy Embossing powder. To had texture to my creation, I use the Mesh Bits Chipboard set.  On this set, I had Imagine Ink Watermelon glitter.

On my layout, I use a variety of flowers.  I use some Courtship Blooms and Attic Charm Daisies.  The others where flowers from my stash.

Capture The Moment:

On this picture, you can see my two daughters ready for there dance show!  They love dance classes and the show, at the end of the season, is a moment that they are waiting for!  They are so proud.  I use the Tranquility Collection.

On this Layout, I use the Calm and the Jubilation paper from the Tranquility collection. I use both sides of those papers.  I tear them and glue them on a old and ugly paper from my stash (certainly not Blue Fern one! LOL). I recover the surface with clear gesso.  Then, i stamp with the Forever Stamp set and the Vintage Edges stamp set.  I had color with various blues inks.  Surrounding my picture, I use the Keepsake Frame Chipboard.  I cut it in two to make it wider.  I leave it natural, just had a little bit of with gesso with a dry brush.

For my title, I use the Captured Words chipboard set.  I Emboss it with the Imagine Ink In the Navy Embossing Powder. 

I use some Courtship Blooms and Tranquil Roses and lilies flowers from  Blue Fern. The printed ones are from my stash. The leaves are from the Natural springs Chipboard set.  I emboss the leaves in Imagine Ink Lime Embossing powder first. Then I had a touch of Imagine Ink Sage Embossing Powder

In the top corner, I use a piece from the Framed Trinquet Chipboard set.  Live it natural, but had a tiny bit of white gesso with a dry brush.


For my last creation, I use the Serenity Paper Collection.  This picture of Mathilde and me was taken at the airport, just before we take the plane for our last family vacation in France.  It was a very joyful moment.  What a good memory!

For my creation, I use 3 papers from the Serenity collection:  Reminisce, Calling cards and Contemplation.

On my background, I stamp with the Garden frolic Stamp set and the Arcadia Texture stamp set. I emboss the Garden frolic stamp with the Imagine Ink Petal Embossing powder.  For my title, I use the Blissful, Jubilation, Patience chipboard set.  I emboss it with the Imagine Ink Mushroom Embossing powder

To add texture to the layout, I use the Floral Lattice Bits chipboard set and leave it unaltered. The frame i use is the Circle Vine chipboard.  I emboss it with Imagine Ink Petal Embossing powder

Thanks for watching!  See you next month and don't forget to enjoy summer!  It is going so fast!


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