Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blush,timeless collection layout! with Yuko.

Hi! Friends! Yuko is here!
I am honored to be able to come here the third time!
Blue Fern Studios is no longer present a must-have for me.

 I love all products!!!

My name is  Yuko Tanaka and I live in Japan.
                   I live with my husband and a beautiful daughter.
                  After I got married in 2006,I started sorted our wedding photos and organizing
                  so that I could start “scrapbooking” in 2007.
                  I gave birth to the daughter of the wish to 2012. 

                 Now   I  eager in leaving the growth of the dearest daughter !

・Blog  http://wihtcolors.blogspot.jp/
・Fecebook  https://www.facebook.com/yuko.tanaka.102
・Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/sbyuko/
・Pinterest  https://jp.pinterest.com/yukotanaka102/

I made the layout using the First Blush collection!

【sweet on you】
It is a photograph of the birthday of my daughter.
Gift is a favorite Disney Princess picture book!

This title is a favorite
It was embossed with an embossing powder Oatmeal. This color love over! ! !

You get gold is strong when the light hits, but ease likely to match anything in the beige-ish color!

It dangles also I was embossed with Oatmeal.
Some Dangles paste a 4 of 4-year-old.

It has stamped in gold ink on mount of paper.

Stamp: Weathered Doilies - Click Image to Close 
I used the doily on the bottom right.

*****BFS products*****
<paper>   Blush  calling cards/celebration /key to my heart
<chipboard>  sweet on you /Déjà Vu Dangles Chippies
<embossing powder> oatmeal
<stamp>Weathered Doilies

【WHAT A wonderful DAY】
Here chic TIMELESS collection.
It is a beautiful collection with elegant very classical.

Chip board of heart  I used 14karat of embossing powder.

I buried mesh after painting a cardboard with modeling paste, and attaching structure, and add ink it with purplish red and brown ink.

*****BFS products******
<paper>   Timeless  calling cards/Main Street/Abode/song
<chipboard> Royal Heart Frame/Valentine Hearts
<embossing powder> oatmeal/14karat

The last is the layout using the January of the sketch.


 Chip board of this heart, the arrow of the part and the heart is another chip board.
I was stuck by decomposition.

Valentine Hearts - Click Image to Close
I cut off the heart of the arrow of the right middle and acquired the heart (cut a feather) with the upper feather.

And I used the feather which I cut for here.

Perfume bottles use by cutting cut what was stamped.

Stamp - Bottled Sentiments - Click Image to Close
Beautiful bottles!!!

*****BFS products******
<paper>   Blush  calling cards/sweet heart/ Reminisce
<chipboard>  Valentine Hearts/Heart Hugs
<stamp> Bottled Sentiments

Thank you for looking!!!