Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mixed media tutorial by Marie-Josée Hamel

Hello all! I am really happy to show you my first Blue Fern Studios tutorial. Today, you will learn how to create your own mixed media background.


- 12 x 12 chipboard or very sturdy piece of cardstock 
- Glue
- Gesso
- Gel medium (glossy or matte, as you wish)
- Sponge
- Mister to spray water
- Three different colors of water-soluble mists (I used the Dyllusions sprays: After Midnight, Vibrant Turquoise and Crushed Grape)
- Embossing heat tool


1) Glue your Blue Fern Studios panel to your 12 x 12 chipboard. With the sponge, apply gesso on top. Try not to leave bare spots. Once it is dry, apply gel medium all over, again with the sponge. Use your embossing heat tool to make it dry faster.

2) Spray the three colors randomly all over.

3) Spray water on top and watch the colors blend! Add more water and/or more color if needed.

4) Use your heat tool to dry the colors. Your background is now ready to use!

5) And here’s my layout. I also added another chipboard, the Graduated Circles. Since it's a really colorful and busy background, I used only white embellishments: