Thursday, December 27, 2012

Meet our talented designer!

I am so excited to introduce you to the creative talent behind Blue Fern Studios!  My partner in crime is Michele Singh and you can find her blog (and giveaway!!!!) here:

Design Honey's Blog

Here is a little more about Michele:

Michele Singh is a Graphic Designer with a background in print, product, magazine and brand design for various companies. She has over 25 years of design experience. As both a digital and traditional scrapper, Michele has an in-depth understanding of the tools of the trade. By applying her design sense to the memory keeping industry, she marries two loves; scrapbooking and graphic design. She creates from the heart and has a keen eye for all things beautiful and whimsical.

Coming from a long line of crafty ladies, Michele has always loved art and design. At twelve years old she was given the opportunity to design literary publications and other printed pieces. Once bitten by the design bug, she never stopped designing, creating, and crafting.

Today Michele comes to Blue Fern Studios with a skill set that enables her to create just about anything she can imagine. So far, she has designed packaging, web graphics, chipboard and paper for Blue Fern. Michele has various styles, but her favorite is exemplified in her designs for Blue Fern. She has created a look for Blue Fern Studios that is gorgeously shabby and artsy, with a pinch of whimsy. She is a color lover and creates color combinations that give new meaning to the words “eye candy.” 

Michele also serves on the Design Team for C.S.I. ( where she creates a weekly printable product called "C.S.I. Coordinates." Michele resides in Glendale, California with her nine-year-old daughter


  1. your designs so far!!!! Looking forward to seeing lots more. Your work is beautiful!

  2. Michele, I LOVE your work, and I LOVE color too so I guess that's why I am so drawn to what you do! Love the shabby artsy style too. Just perfect, and I know you are a great match for BFS! Glad to be working beside you!

  3. Michele, you are amazingly talented! I love the look you have created for Blue Fern Studios.

  4. Michele is amazing! You are so lucky to have her designing for her. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful products in person!

  5. congrats Michele, well done, so happy for you, all the best :)

  6. Michele, your designs are simply amazing and I am blessed to be able to create with them! So glad to have you on board!!


  7. I have known for a long time that Michele is incredibly talented, greater my happiness that many many more out there will soon see it for themselves! Your work is just fantastic and I am so happy to be working together with you! xoxo

  8. everything you've designed so far is truly beautiful!! love them all!!