Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June Projects by Lydia Guijt

Hello Blue Fern Studios and paper friends. 

This is my last month on the Design Team and it's been a great time. I would like to thank Blue Fern Studios for giving me this wonderful opportunity and their great support. 

For this month I have made a canvas and 2 layouts. 
For the canvas I used the Happy Accident  Collection and for the 2 layouts the brand new beautiful Garden Life Collection

Let's get started!


I started of with painting the sides of the canvas with some acrylic, with a second dry-brush coat in blue. Once this was dry I used the Tattered News Print Stamp randomly for some effect. 
The front of the canvas I covered with Happy Accident : Fluke with on top a smaller piece from the same sheet, distressed at the edges. Again I used the Tattered News Print Stamp for some details around the canvas and used a stencil with Graphite paste to create texture.

The Blue Fern Studios chipboard pieces Stick Stacks are embossed with Starry Night to pick up the beautiful light blue from the paper. Having done my preparations it's time to start my layers.

Happy Accident is the first collection to have it's own accompanying Printed Chipboard Shapes sheet and it makes for a wonderful way to add layers, features and titles to your projects. For my canvas I made great use of them.

Also adding ribbon, lace, netting and thread to the mix before finishing off the project with the gorgeous Chesterville Florals and Blooms.

Happy Accident : Fluke
Stick Stacks
Happy Accident : Printed Chipboard Shapes
BFS Embossing
Starry Night
Tattered Newsprint
Chesterville Florals 
Chesterville Blooms

The End of a Perfect Day

At the end of May we had a great trip to Disney World it had been quite a while since the last time we had been there, but no matter what age, it's always great. Even Tinkerbell joined in for fun!

For this layout I used the brand new Garden Life Collection. The Felicity page for the background and Calling Cards pieces for layering. For the background work I used the Tattered News Print and the Tattered Harlequin stamp, a stencil and mists.

The Honey Bits chipboard pieces are embossed with a mixture of a few embossing powders. Sunlight RoseMorning SunPink Dust & Copper.
The other chipboard pieces, Graduated Circles, Perfect Day, Roman Clock were first embossed with Sand & Sea with a second coat of Iridescent Grey giving it a beautiful sparkle.

Now that we have prepared all the parts it's time to put the layout together. Stacking the pieces of  embossed chipboard, Garden Life - Printed Chipboard Shapes, pieces of paper and the beautiful Blue Fern Studios flowers, Garden FloralsHarvest Lilies & Chesterville Blooms

Garden Life : Felicity, Calling Cards
Perfect Day
Bits of Honey
Graduated Circles
Roman clock set Small
Garden Life : Printed Chipboard Shapes
BFS Embossing
Sunlight Rose
Morning Sun
Pink Dust
Sand & Sea
Iridescent Grey
Tattered Harlequin
Tattered News Print
Garden Florals
Harvest Lilies
Chesterville Blooms

Disney World

On one of the evenings in Disney World we so enjoyed the fireworks. What a show they put on. The castle has this spectacular light show and with the fabulous music it's just perfect.

For this photo I chose the Garden Life : Calling Cards sheet as the base of my layout. To continue on the fireworks I used the Christmas Collage Stamp and used it with a silver ink and Antique Gold Embossing Powder. A large diamond stencil with a mixture of gold & silver paste and some white gesso to give the background texture. 

The Floral Lattice Bits were first embossed with Sand & Sea Embossing Powder and a second layer with Iridescent Grey. The Seeing Stars and Disneyworld chipboard pieces first got a Antique Gold coat with embossing powder and then a second layer with Goldenrod Glitter.

Having prepared all the pieces I postioned them on the page where I wanted them and layered everything. Adding embellishments and Blue Fern Studios flowers Spring Florals and Garden Blooms. As finishing touches I splattered a variety of mists.

Garden Life : Calling Cards
Seeing Starts
Disney World
Floral Lattice Bits
BFS Embossing
Sand & Sea
Iridescent Grey
Antique Gold
Christmas Collage
Spring Florals
Garden Blooms

It's been an absolute honor to work for this wonderful company.  
I hope I've managed to inspired you 
See you around the world!

Happy travels!


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