Thursday, June 1, 2017

June layouts by Tartine Peluche

Hi everyone!
I'm back to share with you my new layouts of month.
I choose to use the new collection Happy Accident for my three creations.

This is the first one:

Be an original, not a copy

For this layout I used CHANCE paper. 

For my background, I used stencil pattern of Harlequin, pink and purple ink and a lot of white gesso. I had the details using the stamps Scratched with Plum embossing powder and Tattered Newsprint and Making Plans, with black inker pad.
I put a layer of white gesso on my chipboard Stick Stacks and I add some pink and purple ink.

I used Happy Blooms and Heartland Blossoms flowers.

The chipboards Leafy Twigs has been painted with sparks black paint and all the flowers have white gesson on them.

I used Tattered print stamp for most details.

I embossed with Plum embossing powder my Scratched stamp. 
For my title, I used one chipboard print of Happy Accident Chipboard print.

Item I used:
Chance - Happy Accident
Happy Accident Printed Chipboard
Stick Stacks
 Leafy Twigs 
Spring Posy Glitter 
Plum Embossing Powder
Happy Blooms Flowers, 
 Heartland Blossoms Flowers
Scratched stamp 
Making Plans stamp
Tattered Newsprint


My second layout:

Live Inspired

I choose the B-side of Chance paper. 
I used the same technique as my other layout: stencil, ink and white gesso. 
I Added few stamping  on the background with crackle textures stamp and I embossed it with 14 karats embossing powder.

I have also used the Serendipity Medley stamp on my background.

Still with my Brown ink pad, I added some parts of the stamps Making Plans and also of Postal Textures stamp.

I choose flowers of Christmas Blooms and Spring Lilies to highlight my photo.
Shabby Brick Bits was embossed with Oatmeal embossing powder and Corner Flourish with 14 Karats embossing powder.

I ripped the right side of my page to insert the beautiful blue flower from the Chipboard Printed Happy Accident.

Item I used:
Chance, B Side - Happy Accident
Shabby Brick Bits
Corner Flourish
Crackle Textures stamp
Serendipity Medley stamp
Making Plans stamp
Postal Textures stamp
Christmas Blooms flower
Spring Lilies flower
14 Karats embossing powder
Oatmeal embossing powder


I finish my post with my favorite layout of this month.

Magic... Always Believe


Full of texture for the background!
Exactly how I like to make my layout :D

For this layout I used Making plan stamp with black ink pad
and a lot of glitter, Burnt Copper and Mermaid.

This wonderful white flower come from Seaside Roses flowers kit.

The main chipboard on my layout, Chesterville Collage is embossed with Oatmeal embossing powder and then I added a thin layer of metallic blue/gold paint.

My Title Magic chipboard is coated
with glue and sprinkled with glitter Mermaid.

The big white flower under the others come from the kit Courtship Rose and the other, close the photo come from Seaside Roses.

Item I used:

Quirk - Happy Accident
Chesterville Collage
Story, Fairytale, Magic
Making Plans stamp
Crackle Textures stamp
Courtship Rose flower
Seaside Roses flower
Mermaid Glitter
Burnt Copper Glitter
Oatmeal Embossing Powder
This is the end for this month, I simply hope give you inspiration for your next layout.
See you soon.
Tartine xxx


  1. So magnificent! Wow, wow, wownderful layouts, Tartine

  2. Tartine, your work is an artful piece of beauty. I am now recognizing your style whenever I see it, and knowing immediately that it is your stunning work!