Monday, March 17, 2014

Lace Organization Project, and a Shabby Chic Tag

Hello everyone, Joyce here to share an organization idea for your lacy bits.  I had several boxes of acquired lacy bits, and after some time, the boxes became overfilled, disorganized, and I quit reaching for them to use on projects.  They were just too pretty not to be used. I organized them so that I could see all the different patterns, and hopefully make them easier to reach for any put away too.  I made a template out of a 4 x 6 index card in the shape of an “H”, just like those organizational embroidery cards for DMC floss, and cut the “H” shape out of various old scrapbooking papers.  Then you simply wind all the lacy bits over each card.  Don’t they look pretty all organized in the box?  They sure make me want to use them now.  Of course, I couldn’t just leave them in a plain white photo box.  Each boxed lid is embellished with some lovely Blue Fern Studios chipboard pieces.  Even though each chipboard piece is different, the boxes look like a collection because they were designed with the same colors, and similar elements.

Here’s the lid on the first box featuring the blooming foliage chipboard treated with paints, and the fiber tissue paper technique on those little buds:

Here’s the lid featuring a Bohemian Flower and the  Leafy Page Accent chipboard treated with paint  a homemade glaze, and crackle.

Shabby Chic Tag:

 The base of the tag was created with the Boudoir Blue Fern Garden paper, and Signature paper pattern was torn in strips and applied to the base with a heavy gel medium.  Various stamps were applied to the paper before the application of gesso and creamy colored acrylic paint.  After the gesso/acrylic paint application dried, another application of various stamps were used on top of the strips and the base of the tag.  After all the products were dried, a lot of tea bag throwing went on to render an aged look. 

The apothecary jar was created with white acrylic paint, one layer of fiber paper, stamping, stencil and molding paste, and finally some application of pink mist.  It looks so pretty and feminine.

Here’s a picture of the front of the tag.  

Here's a picture of the back of the tag, see how he front flap folds over?  That's because of the jump rings attached to each of the three eyelets.

Thanks for the visit.  I hope I have inspired you to use your Blue Fern Studios chipboard pieces on an organizational idea.


  1. Great idea and looks gorgeous too, xxxx

  2. Must do this!!! Once I actually wake up (3am here) I am going to head to my craft room and get started!! Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Hey Barb, so glad you were inspired to organize your lacy bits too. I must warn you though, that after you do that, you'll want to use that lace right away.

  3. Thank you ladies, I hope you all get a chance to organize your laces and trims and make a pretty box to store them and using your BFS chippies to adorn the box.

  4. So amazing Joyce! Just love those boxes, what a great idea! Love how you treated the chipboards, beautiful soft colors...and your tag is just shabby chic the tea-bag throwing! So very pretty....;)

  5. Love the lace organizer box...gorgeous!